Benefits Of Obtaining An EU Passport

European countries, the Caribbean, Oceania, and the Middle East offer residence permits or citizenship to invest in the country’s economy. Below we will discuss the procedures, conditions, and requirements for obtaining a second document for identification.

Advantages of obtaining an EU passport

There are several ways to get an EU passport. It can take a minimum of one year and a maximum of 10 years. The time frame is influenced by the state in which the procedure is carried out and the circumstances accompanying it.

Obtaining an EU passport: What are the most common ways?

If citizenship was not granted at birth, there are three ways to obtain an EU passport:

  1. By descent – a direct line of descendants. Citizenship can be passed between parents and grandparents. It is possible if they were also EU citizens.
  2. By naturalization – available to third-country nationals. In this case, you have to prove your ties with the country. For example, the naturalization process may be available to persons who came to the EU to work, do business, are married to a state citizen, and those who have long been treated in the EU and have a residence permit as financially independent. However, there is a general rule for everyone who wants to obtain citizenship this way – you must live in the territory for a set number of years.
  3. Investment in naturalization. You can contribute to the economy and obtain a residence permit in the state you have chosen to live in. To qualify as an entire state member, you must reside in the territory for a period set by the country in question. A large number of countries give a residence permit for investment. According to a specialist of the company Immigrant Invest, Svetlana Gorchakova, the entire process can take up to 5 years. The expert also talks about investment immigration programs.

Everyone chooses the most acceptable option for themselves.

EU citizenship advantages

The quality of life is at a high level. Eight of the ten countries with the highest standard of living are EU countries. There is an excellent level of security and one of the best healthcare and education systems. At the same time, the index of environmental pollution is at a low level. An identity document from one of the EU countries can easily be replaced with another. It keeps the paper process to a minimum. This trend allows for a better quality of life through a quick change of citizenship. Also, undeniable EU citizenship benefits are:

  1. Visa-free entry. The EU citizen’s identity document is the best in the world. You get visa-free travel to over 170 countries. These are the main benefits of EU citizenship.
  2. Social package. As a citizen of an EU country, you will be given all the benefits the country offers. It is an excellent healthcare system, free education, high pension contributions, and utilities. In addition, European health insurance will help to be treated in any other EU country. Such positive points become a decisive factor for immigration to European countries.
  3. Tax optimization. The tax system of EU countries is beneficial to some investors. If considering Malta, its tax system has a lot of good pros for business. For example, companies can get up to a 100% tax refund.
  4. Comfortable conditions for work and business. There are residence permits that do not allow people to work in the country. At the same time, people can choose any institution for themselves and get a job there.

It is also possible to start personal and commercial activities here.

What investors get

Opportunities depend on the country and the status of the person. In the Caribbean, investors are encouraged to contribute to a government fund or purchase real estate. Europe offers to buy real estate, transfer capital, and invest in business or securities.

The licensed company Immigrant Invest covers this issue in detail, providing clients with comprehensive information on the intricacies of the citizenship procedure, requirements, and advantages of a European passport. You should contact a specialist who can provide quality advice and expert assistance to make all the documents correctly and as quickly as possible, especially when it comes to migration for investment. Moreover, most states require the involvement of licensed professionals.

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