Vietnam Visa for Hong Kong residents: how to get it

Are you a Hong Kong citizen and want a Vietnam Visa? Why are you going to Vietnam? Do you know Vietnam immigration rules and regulations? It is a fact that if you are a Hong Kong citizen living in Hong Kong or another country, you need a visa t enters Vietnam. There are different ways and means to apply for Vietnam visa. When you need a Visa, you may select one from two options for applying. A lot of Hong Kong citizens feel difficulty in applying for Vietnam Visa; if you are such person, this article may be helpful for you. I hope after reading this article, you will have a complete insight into the visa process and feel comfortable to apply for visa whether you are in Hong Kong or another country. For Vietnam Visa for Hong Kong residents, you need to go under some process.

Here are two ways:

  • Applying online and get stamped at the airport
  • Applying at Vietnam Embassy

Applying on Vietnam Immigration website

You are unable to visit the Vietnam embassy in honking, or you are busy enough to have time to go to the Vietnam embassy. It will be easy for you in both cases to visit Vietnam immigration website and apply online for your visa. First, you need to tell me why you are going to Vietnam. Whether you want a visitor visa or student visa or wish to do the job in Viet nom. Are you an investor or a business person? And you want to invest in Vietnam. Have you a job offer? There are different cases you need a visa from Vietnam govt. There are specific rules and regulations which you need to follow for the visa process.

Vietnam is a growing economy, and there are opportunities for ongoing entrepreneurs or business people for investment. Vietnam govt. Offers a lot of incentives for business class. Moreover, you may visit Vietnam as a job seeker. Vietnam economy needs professionals and human resources for the purpose. You may also visit s a tourist. There are a lot of attractions for tourists in Vietnam. It is an old country and an open society which may welcome you. As a student, you may study in Vietnam institutes.

How to apply online

If you want an effective way to apply for Vietnam Visa, it is applying online. It will save you from unwanted trouble for visiting Vietnam embassy. How to apply then? If you use online via the website, you will need not worry about losing your documents such as passport, money via postal mail or traffic jam. You may be stuck in traffic jams and squander your time and money if you go to the embassy.

So I recommend you to apply online and book your visa whether you want a tourist visa or business visa. It is the shorter and fastest way to apply for a visa and get stamped at the airport. This process offers a lot of advantages.

– Processing time:

Processing time for those who use online is just a few hours if you apply for an urgent visa. If you require a standard visa, it may take a few days.

 – Required Documents:

There are no documents required for an online permit. Just apply and get stamped at the airport if your visa application is approved.

– More extra services:

Do you need some additional assistance? You can get fast track facility, car pick up and hotel booking. With applying online, you may get these services online. It may save your time and offer you a complete comfort of your trip.

– How does it work?

You need to visit Vietnam immigration website. Link is available on Google. Here you may scroll to visa forms and open your required form. Please fill it out and pay visa processing fee online. Now submit it, and you will receive a confirmation email in a few seconds. It will let you know how to get Vietnam visa approval letter.

You will receive an approval letter when your visa application is processed.

Now you need to take a print of visa letter. Take your passport with two photos and stamping fees. You will pay stamping fees at the airport, and that’s all. Now visit Vietnam.

Applying through embassy

You may apply for Vietnam visa through honking embassy. You may find the address of Vietnam embassy or consulate office and visit the office to apply for a Hong Kong visa. Processing time depends on how fast you need a Vietnam visa. Different documents, visa fees are required for the purpose. It would help if you handled all things relating to visa processing.

Please note

Your passport should be valid for at least six months. There should be available pages on the passport.

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