The Overview Of Luxury Villas In Spain

Villa in Spain is one of the dreams for many residents of different countries. And this is not surprising, because the country is known for its mild climate, warm sea, a rich historical heritage and high standard of living. In addition, the mentality of the locals and loyalty of the authorities make Spain almost the best country to live in. Spain stands out among the most developed European countries, which makes it extremely beneficial for foreign investors. Villas in Spain in 2022 are in high demand considering the number of opportunities and benefits they provide.

Advantages of buying a villa in Spain

Besides, an incredible feeling of being an owner of a villa in a European country, every investor gets the following pack of benefits:

  • Relatively fast process of registration of all papers, which does not involve additional encumbrances.
  • The possibility of obtaining a loan from a local bank on favorable terms.
  • Spanish laws provide for privacy. Information about real estate ownership will not be available to third parties.
  • Planning to buy a villa in Spain, you have a huge choice of properties in excellent technical condition. As a rule, luxury housing belongs to the category of new buildings and is ready for occupancy. You can choose the most favorable place to live in relation to the proximity to the sea. In addition, for sale are many properties on the mainland and the island.
  • High rates of rental potential. If you decide to buy a villa in Spain for seasonal residence, at the time of your absence in the country it will not be difficult to rent the property.
  • The possibility of buying a home through intermediaries.

Real estate market in Spain

The economic situation in the country becomes more and more flourishing after the downturn during the pandemic. Spain has successfully emerged from the crisis and demonstrates the rapid development of the past 4-5 years. Due to the high demand, real estate prices are constantly rising. In addition, it should be noted the high standard of living and safety in the country. The Spanish education system allows school graduates to become students of prestigious universities. We are talking about both local higher education institutions and world-renowned universities.

The cost and status of Spanish villas is very dependent on their location. The proximity to the coast, the area and the city plays an important role in the choice. Therefore there can be considerable variation in the price of Spanish luxury real estate. For example, if in Alicante province you can find villas from 300 thousand euro, the average cost of houses in Marbella exceeds 5 million.

Types of villas and their cost

The real estate market in Spain features a high variety of affordable housing options for any taste and need. Of course, the price will differ depending on the characteristics of villas, interiors, infrastructure in the region, and other important factors. Still, everything is possible if you have a strong desire and a dedication to live in a sunny state.

The types of villas available for sale in Spain:

1. Expensive villas.

They are mostly located on the Costa del Sol. There are many prestigious complexes of the closed type. The most popular of them is La Zagaleta. Here you can buy luxury real estate in the vicinity of famous and influential people. 13-15 million euro for a villa with a total built-up area of about 2000 m2 and land up to 10000 m2 are offered in this region. As a rule, such villas are guarded and have their own helipads.

2. Inexpensive villas.

They are usually located at a distance from the sea or in the private sectors of coastal cities. Low prices are due to the high rate of development in the area, due to which the population increases, the natural landscape deteriorates, and there is a lack of infrastructure. For such a property you will have to pay up to 300 thousand euro. The area of the site will be more modest (up to 1000 m2). On the territory can be located a swimming pool.

Professional assistance when buying luxury villas in Spain

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