Best EU Residence by Investment Programs

European Union countries are characterized by a high standard of living, good conditions for doing business, decent quality of education and medicine, low crime rate, and good environmental situation. Wealthy citizens of other countries are eager to move to one of the European countries to develop their own business, employment, or study. For this purpose, there are special programs that allow investors to obtain a residence permit after investing their finances in the local economy, most often in real estate or bonds. Each of these programs has its features and advantages. Let’s take a closer look at some of the RBIPs.

What is a residence by investment program?

Under the program, every wealthy business person with significant capital can legally move to one of the EU RP countries. In order to obtain a residence by investment, it is only necessary to fulfill several conditions and make a purchase of real estate, a company, or securities for a certain amount. Investing in European housing is a lucrative asset that can bring a good profit when rented out. This is one of the advantages of residence by investment in Europe in such countries as Portugal, Spain, Malta, and Cyprus.

Portugal’s Golden Visa

The program has been in operation since 2012 and allows one to get residency in the country in just five years. At the same time, it is allowed to stay on the country’s territory only seven days a year. After obtaining a Golden Visa, the investor is granted visa-free entry to 180+ countries, the opportunity to study and receive medical care, and to run his business with favorable tax conditions in Portugal. Obtaining a visa for other family members with the same benefits is possible.

One should invest at least 280,000 euros to participate in the program. According to Vladlena Baranova, an expert on the investment program (Immigrant Invest company), investments can be made in:

  • real estate object in certain regions of the country;
  • significant research and development;
  • venture capital fund;
  • a new company in the country;
  • local charitable organizations.

One can choose any option and immediately start preparing documents; migration agency specialists can help one with this.

Spain’s Golden Visa Program

The program is designed for wealthy investors willing to invest 500,000 euros in real estate, 1,000,000 euros in local companies, or 2,000,000 euros in government bonds. Investments in Spanish business development are also allowed.

One can choose residential or commercial real estate or a combination of both. When it comes to business development, one should set up a company, provide jobs for people, or contribute to scientific or technical innovation and significant social projects. One can move one’s capital to Spain or open a promising start-up.

The advantages of participation in this program are obtaining EU residence, as well as a visa-free regime with all Schengen countries, doing business on more favorable terms, access to health care and education, and the ability to bring the applicant’s family with them.

Malta’s Residence and Visa Programme (MRVP)

This is the easiest way for foreigners to immigrate to the Republic. In order to become a participant in the program, it is necessary to fund a national foundation or a local private organization or buy a property for the amount of 690,000 euros or more. Additionally, one will have to pay some contributions, fees, and charges for oneself and close relatives included in the application, as well as provide truthful information, which the staff of the relevant agencies will carefully check before making a decision.

Upon successful passage of RBIP, investor automatically receives permission to enter 160+ countries without visas, do business in the EU countries and favorable tax system, receive medical care and education at the European level and have the ability to move the whole family for a comfortable life among the beautiful nature and friendly local population.

Cyprus Permanent Residency Program

The developed economy, high standard of living, mild climate, and picturesque natural scenery make the island a great place not only for work and business but also for life in general.

Participation in the program is possible after a foreigner is ready to invest 300 thousand euros in construction projects (commercial or residential real estate), shares, or units. When purchasing real estate, the investor will have to pay additional VAT. If the purchase of a commercial object is planned, it will be necessary to confirm the income of 50,000 euros per year.

A favorable tax environment and comfortable conditions for business development make Cyprus popular among migrants. Here, the interest rate is the lowest in Europe, and there are no taxes on income earned outside the region. Prices for residential real estate are constantly growing, so most often, foreigners choose this way of investment to participate in the above program. Residents have access to education in prestigious universities and the best medical care. After five years after receiving a Cyprus Golden Visa, one can apply for citizenship.


If you have already decided on the country and program and made sure that you meet all the requirements, schedule a consultation with migration company specialists who will help you collect, translate, and notarize documents and provide any legal support on the way to RBI. This issue is covered in detail at The opportunity to change your life after moving to an EU country with more comfortable living and working conditions is not often given, and perhaps it is time for a radical change.

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