Flying with Fido: A Guide to International Travel With Your Dog

Jet-setting around the globe is fun and exciting, but what if you’re a pet owner? You wouldn’t want to leave your furry friend for weeks on end, all alone in another person’s house, would you?

Instead of enjoying new places, meeting different kinds of people, and savoring various dishes, you might constantly worry about your pup. You’ll always be thinking about how much you miss them, how they’re doing, and whether they’re being taken care of properly.

So, why not bring your dog on board? First off, of course, you must find an airline that allows travel with a small pet and familiarize yourself with the conditions and requirements for travel. Learn more about A Guide to International Travel With Your Dog at

Taking a Trip with Your Dog

Traveling is more fun when you can bring your beloved dog along. If they underwent dog training at a facility in Provo, then you know you can make them behave. But before you can take them on a trip, you need to do a bit of planning and research first, especially when you’re traveling overseas. Like humans, pets need their own passports to enter another country.

If you’re a new dog owner or it’s your first time flying internationally with a pet, you might be asking, “Pets need passports?” Absolutely. A pet passport is a collection of proof that your animal companion is healthy and isn’t carrying any disease. Below are the steps on how to prepare your dog’s passport.

  1. Look into the Pet Passport Requirements of Your Destination Country

Different countries mean different regulations when it comes to welcoming tourist pets. Fortunately, the USDA website has made it easy to obtain the contact information of different countries’ embassies or consulates.

Once you have their contact number or e-mail, reach out and verify the documents you need to bring your pet into their country. It’s essential to accomplish everything your destination country requires, especially with strict pet quarantine rules set in place for different countries.

After all of these things are accomplished, look into the pet travel guidelines of the airline you’re traveling with. Though their rules for pet travel aren’t as complicated as a country’s, they are still pretty strict.

  1. Schedule a Veterinary Appointment for Your Dog

One of the main requirements of almost every country is for visiting dogs to have updated vaccinations. Some will ask for a detailed record of pup’s shots, so it’s best to have this base covered. Some countries also require your dog to be microchipped for identification and a qualified veterinarian can do that. While you’re there, take the time to also get assurance from your vet that your dog is fit to travel.

  1. Research the Return to the U.S. Requirements

Just as your dog must be cleared before entering a country, they also need to be checked upon coming back. This is especially important if you came from or stopped over a rabies-controlled or high-rabies country.

As you can see, traveling with your dog and obtaining a “pet passport” for them can be quite a rigorous and lengthy process. It might even be more arduous than when you applied for your own passport. But, with enough research and plenty of planning ahead of time, making a jet-setter out of your dog will be easy.

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