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Teaching a teenager Physics can be exactly how you teach a kid. You can use games and toys to explain principles of Physics to them. Similarly in Physics Math Café – Physics Tuition Singapore, we use resources like videos and games/quizzes to engage our students. The advancement in technology has made things a lot easier since there are now applications that helps explain the principles. Below are some of the best games and applications to use when teaching Physics.

Tinybop Simple Machines

The application has six mechanic elements like levers, screws and inclined planes that are used to solve small physics puzzles that might happen in the real world. Since it is an application for Physics, it is paired to Simple Machines Handbook that explains the process and helps the student understand what is going on.

Monster Physics

This application has multiple games that the students can choose to play where they can build contraptions by using building block materials like magnets, tiles and propellers. What’s good about the game is that the skills level can be adjusted depending the skills level

Crazy Gears

Crazy gears is another application that uses different gears to build complex machines and one good thing about it is that there is no right or wrong way to put them together. Students can try until they get their own solution. This application has many projects and fun facts that helps with the learning process.

Meet Science: Force and Motion

This application mainly focuses on motion and force where students get to learn more about the principles with examples of flying spaceships and animated animals.

Super Nano Trucks

The colourful game is easy to play and prompts students to try out obstacles using problems. For example, they have to complete small tasks like dumping rocks or bumping into things while driving to understand the law of inertia.

Physics is one of the most complex sciences but it is also very relevant to people’s lives. All in all, the best tuition centre would often use games and quizzes to test students. All these applications is a practical approach to learning Physics to make it interesting to learn so that students are not scared away by numbers or equations.

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