Opportunities For Professional Development In Physics Education

physics education

Lying at the heart of scientific achievements that make everyday life easier and more advanced, physics moves the world around. It is difficult to underestimate the importance of providing students and future physics educators with a firm foundation and relevant practical experience.

And Kazakhstan offers all the opportunities to acquire both knowledge and skill in up-to-date physics beyond traditional education, including:

  • Mentoring programs and private schools
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Field research opportunities
  • Grants and funding opportunities
  • Certification and licensing of professionals
  • Educational online resources

Physics education resources available in Kazakhstan

Although not exactly the world’s leading areas, Kazakhstan’s state and private academic sectors have never experienced a lack of specialized resources dedicated to physics education.

physics education

Prepared with the support of the Buki marketplace: https://buki.kz/repetitor-online/fizika/

Nazarbaev Intellectual School

Most pupils and future physics teachers start their journey at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Mathematics and Physics. The school provides a wide range of educational formats, from traditional approaches to webinars and workshops, video lessons on YouTube (the NIS for You channel), online seminars, and more.

And for further professional development, NIS has its own Centre of Pedagogical Excellence that organizes a number of multi-level professional development programs, many of which are designed in conjunction with Cambridge University.

Alternatives online

However, many aspiring physics enthusiasts prefer not to limit their opportunities locally and turn to private online resources to gain knowledge from all over the world. Specialized platforms, applications, and personal teacher directories can serve as an auxiliary to traditional education or become full-blown tools for further professional growth.

Some of the well-tried platforms that Kazakhstan’s school pupils and future physics professors can use include:

  • BILIM Land – a full-on digital school with digital coverage of all topics, classes, and lessons that the Kazakhs normally get in their education system. There is a separate intellectual course dedicated to physics.
  • Ymnik – a big database of educational preparatory materials, tests, and useful content for Kazakh university enrollees.
  • Khan Academy – a renowned online academy with a huge selection of physics courses of all levels.

The range of available resources expands significantly if you are ready to learn in English:

  • Physics Classroom – tutorials, interactive lessons, and a practice question bank.
  • HyperPhysics – equations, formulas, definitions, and other physics concepts.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare – ranging physics courses with lectures, assignments, and exams online for free.
  • Wolfram Alpha – a powerful engine for solving complex physics problems and performing calculations.
  • org – the latest news and physics developments, research articles, and news stories.

physics education

Prepared with the support of the Buki marketplace

Streamlined physics education and training at BUKI

BUKI is an educational website that bridges the gap between eager students and ambitious teachers. It works both ways – students can find and pick educators with fitting teaching methods, while professionals get convenient remote work opportunities.

Choosing BUKI as the source of personalized school- or university-grade physics education, students get:

  • Individual curriculum development
  • Flexible studying schedule
  • Learning materials available right on the smartphone
  • Tools for interaction and even collaborative learning
  • The widest choice of teacher options

Search filters and descriptive teacher cards help find the teacher that fits your goals and preferences perfectly. All you need to do is specify the subject in the search, view all the matching search results, and pick an educator based on their teacher card description.

Studying tips for students and young teachers

  • Find your fit – take your time to pick the best-fitting teacher – for instance, at BUKI, you may easily switch between educators as you wish.
  • Look for certificates – make sure the platform, school, or mentoring program you pick for long-term education provides a certificate upon finishing the course.
  • Use the technology – websites like Wolfram Alpha can save you tons of time and provide invaluable insights that clarify complicated concepts.
  • Focus on practice – even in exclusively theoretical studies, try to test and implement the gained knowledge as frequently as possible.

Bottom line

Kazakhstan is open to tons of educational opportunities related specifically to physics, which are seeping from all around the globe. At the same time, it is possible to gain a sturdy foundation for future professional growth as a physics teacher in a state facility like NIS.

If you are looking for the best way to kick off or supplement your professional journey – try BUKI. It can help you easily find a professional to direct you further or a job position to get some training.

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