Can You Eat the Skin of a Baked Sweet Potato?

The skin of a baked sweet potato is definitely edible. In fact the skin of a sweet potato contains much of its fiber and potassium.

The more skin ingested the better. Because the fiber of a sweet potato is one of its best nutritional qualities it is recommended to eat sweet potato skin.

In fact it is better to eat the skin of a baked sweet potato then it is to eat the skin of a sweet potato that’s been boiled.

The reason for this is because the boiling of a sweet potato can cause the nutrients in it to be lost.

Make sure that you wash the skin of the sweet potato thoroughly before cooking it.

Not only should you wash the skin of the sweet potato but scrub it too.

The vitamin a is one of the soluble vitamins that you do not want to lose by boiling the potatoes.

Tips on Eating The Skins

The first tip on eating the skins of a sweet potato or to find organic sweet potatoes.

The reason for this is because the skin of the sweet potato contains many of its nutrients and vitamins.

However if you do not go organic and you did not scrub the potato and wash it well enough you may be ingesting some pesticides.

And if the farmers aren’t using organic pesticides this is not good for your body.

You want the nutrients and vitamins of the potato not the toxic pesticides.

Scrub and Wash

If you do not happen to get organic sweet potatoes or do not know if they are organic or not scrubbing the outside of the potato will help eliminate those pesticides.

Use a vegetable brush in cool water to scrub these potato skins.

Now don’t go scrubbing the skins off the potato as they contain these rich nutrients and vitamins.

But it is important to scrub the dirt off as you do not want to be eating dirt.

These tubers grow in the ground and the excess dirt pesticides or any other debris stick to them easily.

So it is safer to scrub them rather than eat a potato skin with dirt, pesticides or debris.

Then these sweet potato skins are safe to eat both raw and cooked. However eating the sweet potato skins raw can cause digestive issues.

Certain Dishes

Although you can eat the skin of sweet potatoes, there are some dishes in which it’s best to not use them.

Mashed sweet potatoes are generally enjoyed by most people without the skins. However you can eat the skins of the sweet potato.

In certain cases some people actually enjoy the skins mixed in with their mashed sweet potatoes.

So it is okay to eat the skins in sweet mashed potatoes but it is not common for most people to include the skins and mashed sweet potatoes.

Also when it comes to making desserts with sweet potatoes the skins are not commonly used. You may know some of these desserts.

They contain candied walnuts or pecans with the addition of marshmallows.

These desserts are enjoyed smooth and fluffy. Nice and silky and washed down easily and smoothly with a warm apple cider.

However there are those few oddballs who do enjoy some sweet potato skins added in their desserts.

As funny as this may sound those oddballs are the health nuts. Because they know that the skins of the sweet potatoes contain the most nutrients.

Even though it is a desert it actually becomes a much more healthier dessert when leaving some sweet potato skins in the recipes.

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