What is the Best Way to Teach Kids Programming?

Programming is the future of tomorrow. It is crucial for kids to have a good understanding of computer science concepts in order to code well. To learn to code for kids can become a difficult task if not taught in the right way. As a teacher, it is essential to ensure that the teaching method is simple enough so that a child does not get confused. In this article, we will see a few ways that can be used to teach kids how to code in any programming language.

  1. Develop Interest

The first step that goes into teaching any subject is helping students to develop an interest so that they are motivated to study. You can start by introducing kids to a short history lesson outlining the most prominent figures associated with the creation of the computer as we know it today and programming languages. This also builds up their curiosity to learn more about the subject. You can also give students an idea of the various types of programming languages available. Once a kid develops an interest, he will be enthusiastic about assimilating what is being taught.

  1. Keep it Simple

If you are teaching beginners, then it is best to use software such as Scratch. It is a block-based programming language developed by Mitch Resnick at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Kids can drag and drop code blocks that snap together. Once students get familiar with block-based programming, they can move on to text-based programming languages. A beginner-friendly text-based programming language is Python. It has a simple syntax written in English, making it easy for a child to understand what he is writing. Both Scratch and Python have an extensive online community of users always ready to help newbies.

  1. Practical Demonstrations

After giving a theoretical explanation of a concept, it is very important for you to use software for a practical demonstration. Once a student learns a particular topic, he should solve questions that require him to code while incorporating that concept. As coding is very versatile and there are multiple methods to solve the same problem, students can also build their creativity when writing their own code. It also conditions them to think logically before attempting the question, improving their problem-solving skills.

  1. Games and Real-Life Examples

Making the topic relatable is another good method that can be used to teach children. Young students are visually attracted to video games. You can share the source code for some simple games such as tic tac toe and explain the concepts associated with it. Then a student can use that to make his own game. In addition to this, you can give kids several real-life applications of where coding is used, such as games, apps, website development, etc.

  1. External Help 

It can be a daunting task to teach students by following a well-structured curriculum; hence, you can take the help of a reliable institutions such as Cuemath. Cuemath is an online educational platforms that provides an outstanding quality of education to the childrens at the right price. The certified tutors uses several interactive resources to the deliver an effective and fun-filled lecture. You can visit the website to learn more about coding courses.


You can use the methods listed in this article to teach your kids or build on them to come up with your own innovative ways. The end goal is to ensure that students have fun while studying and develop a clear understanding of what they are learning.

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