Top 5 most important tricks and tips of WordPress

WordPress is a tremendously malleable platform that offers a lot options for customization so you can be capable to create the website or blog your idealizing in quick and easy way.

This website tends to be an open source platform in which you can find plugins, themes and constant development, the amount of optimization tips and tricks, improvements and all kinds of things that can be done is very varied and diverse.

There are different tips and trick that are very known in the world and some others that change depending on the industry, niche and type of page needed. One thing that you have to consider is the fact that a virtual store is way different from a personal blog.

These are the 5 most important WordPress tips

So you are in a very good luck if what you’re looking for some awesome tricks for WordPress.

In this awesome article we present 5 indispensable advices for WordPress. So that everyone, unrelatedly of the level of skill or understanding, can practice them all, improve WordPress and build an outstanding site.

Take a look of them, use them on a regular basis and tell us how it goes.

1. Choose an excellent and a proper hosting

Having a satisfactory hosting service is comparable to constructing a building with good materials and a very compacted base.

If you use very bad materials with really a poor quality for the construction, the building will probably agonize a collapse with some major shock.

It’s exactly the same thing with a Web page, if you have a poor quality server and without acceptable support, it will obviously suffer a lot.

At the moment of choosing a hosting service, we recommend to you to make a good exploration on what you requisite (how much memory, bandwidth, emails, etc.) and with what type of hosting you would have enough to have an optimal performance.

You have to have in mind that if you need more control, most hosting providers offer uploading hosting to a VPS or committed service.

2. Use the plugins that you think you really need

It is actually superior to have 20 plugins of good quality to have 4 plugins where two of them are gravely programmed and have problems that can cause substantial setbacks for one webmaster.

Nonetheless, it is greatly suggested to use only the plugins that you really need and as well as the ones you will use.

Evaluation of the list of installed plugins and eradicate what you use or give you some profit. Inactive or unused plugins can be a susceptibility and a way where hackers attack and poison the sites.

Plus, you should constantly use plugins of the highest possible quality. A basic WordPress tip for every user.

3. Sucuri and some other security concerns

Security has to be one of the central priorities for any WordPress Webmaster.

Furthermore, to installing the iThemes Security plugin, which gives you more than 30 solutions to protect WordPress in different ways, we can actually recommend to you a very good service that we have discovered recently and that takes WordPress security towards new heights: Sucuri.

Investigating solutions, we found Sucuri, which is a kind of service specialized in security experts that can help you quickly resolve no matter which problem that you can have with your website or with WordPress.

And yes, you might actually think it’s way too much, but the real thing is that their service is outstanding, and they have solved any problem in just a few hours and they always come and answer you quickly.

Also, this type of security thing can save you time and frustrations that may come up in the near future.

For that quantity of money, it looks like for us an excellent service that is actually really worth hiring.

4. Protect yourself from SPAM

As security is something very important, avoiding SPAM in a website or blog comments is also something we must be fighting from the very first day.

If you don’t do nothing about it, your inbox and comments section will be quickly invaded by junk, needless comments that only can cause irritation.

In order to avoid that kind of thing, you can go ahead and install Akismet, which is plugin by excellence. This way you can remove and battle SPAM in WordPress.

5. Use a little extra of security

To prevent all hackers and or some other evil intentioned people from trying to enter our Oberlo for WordPress site to “do their thing,” add an extra layer of security at the moment of signing in.

This tip is very helpful if you have some or numerous registered users who log in constantly on your site. This way you and your website can feel safer.

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