5 Reasons Why You Should Stick to Remy Human Hair Extensions

One of the best hair enhancement solutions is thought to be Remy human hair extensions. Human hair extensions that have undergone less processing are called “Remy.” Our natural hair contains an outer covering called the cuticles on each hair shaft.

The layer of cuticles is crucial because it gives our hair its natural sheen, safeguards against damage, and facilitates easy maintenance. This, however, only functions when the hair shaft is straight. Remy human hair extensions stand out from the competition with other hairpiece products.

Unlike other kinds of natural human hair wigs, Remy human hair extensions have their cuticles intact. Remy human hair extensions are oriented with the tips and roots facing the same way as if they had grown organically from your scalp. Thanks to this procedure, the hair is made to be as shiny, soft, and tangle-free as a natural head of hair.

Remy human hair extensions are the most costly and sought-after of all human hair extensions. Continue reading as we outline the top five advantages of Remy hair extensions and address common misconceptions about them.

1. Remy Human Hair Extensions Are the Most Natural-Looking Extensions.

It is really challenging to tell natural hair from a Remy hair extension. The hair has the same beautiful sheen as a healthy head of hair because its cuticles are aligned and unbroken and reflect the sun’s rays. Some varieties of natural human hair wigs will appear a little lifeless and bland in comparison.

2. Remy Human Hair Extensions Have an Unbeatable Lifespan

Remy human hair extensions are far more long-lasting and robust than synthetic hairpieces or other human hair systems because of their distinctive design. No need to worry as much about regular hair washing or exposure to direct sunlight because the cuticles are intact.

Remy human hair extensions can last up to 12 months when taken care of. To put it into perspective, that costs nearly four times as much as an extension made of non-Remy hair. Remy human hair extensions will ultimately lose their shine, become brittle, and require replacement like all hair replacement systems.

3. Remy Human Hair Extensions Are Easily Maintained

Remy human hair extensions act like natural human hair because they are created from human hair and have intact cuticles. Unlike other hair systems, these can be included in your regular hair care routine and require no additional maintenance.

Even though it’s advisable to avoid sleeping in wet Remy human hair extensions, you can if you want to swim in them. Regular brushing, using premium cleaning supplies, and wearing them up at night can all help extend their lifespan.

The RemySoft BlueMAX Moisture Lab 3-Step System comprises shampoo, conditioner, and a protective sealer. Giving your hair extra TLC is a terrific choice because it offers the ideal blend of softening and protection features. Always remember that Remy human hair extensions are made to give you the confidence to live life to the fullest, not to take up more of your free time!

4. Remy Human Hair Extensions Are Heat and Dye-Friendly

When we advise you to treat Remy hair like your natural hair, we mean it. You can simply tint your Remy human hair extensions to match if you later decide to change the color of your natural hair. They can be straightened, curled, and blow-dried with heat-styling equipment. They hold their shape for extended periods, making them incredibly simple to style.

5. Remy Human Hair Extensions Are Tangle-Free

Remy human hair extensions maintain their silky soft quality. They are resistant to matting and tangling because of their intact and aligned cuticles. As a result, they are the most pliable and durable type of hair extensions. But they are still subject to your regular hair care routine, including combing your hair! A little comb made specifically for hair systems is called the Hair Doctor Comb.

Eliminating the Myths About Remy Human Hair Extensions

We have to testify that there are things said about Remy human hair extensions that are not true and have led many wearers’ minds astray. But they are pure myths. Use common sense and logic to decide who’s right: us or them.

Myth 1: REMY human hair extensions are painful.

Wrong. Remy hair extensions are not painful or uncomfortable to wear. Any pain or discomfort will likely result from the application method, a sensitive scalp, or if it’s your first time using hair extensions. However, this can happen with all hair extensions, and it is likely because your scalp is not used to the newly added weight or needs to be installed correctly.

Remy human hair extensions offered by New Times Hair are available as clip-in or tape-in extensions. Clip-in Remy human hair extensions are the least likely to cause pain or discomfort, as they are usually worn for short periods and are easy to adjust or re-position if necessary.

Remy human hair extensions applied with tape could be uncomfortable at first until your skin adjusts to the tape. To clean and revitalize the skin between bonds and lessen scalp itchiness brought on by an excessive buildup of adhesives, oils, and perspiration, use Brisk Scalp Freshener.

Myth 2: REMY human hair extensions are expensive.

As is frequently the case, a product’s price increases with its quality. That does not mean that Remy human hair extensions are prohibitively costly.

Remy human hair extensions last much longer than synthetic or regular ones. In the long run, the wearer will need fewer Remy human hair extensions within the same extended period than other hair extensions. Remy human hair extensions may help them save money in this sense.

At New Times Hair, they strive to make our costs as affordable as possible so that every one of our clients may have the hair they deserve.

New Times Hair are full-stack Hair extension manufacturers of Remy human hair extensions. This means they have eliminated all middlemen and avoided all extra costs. That’s how they keep prices low, enabling them to quickly deliver their Remy human hair extensions from their factory and help their clients save money.


Because of their durability and natural appearance, Remy human hair extensions are a popular choice. Their intact cuticles guard against damage and require little upkeep. They outperform synthetic substitutes and last up to 12 months.

Remy human hair extensions can be colored and heat-styled like our natural hair. Its lack of tangles guarantees its durability and manageability. Remy human hair extensions dispel myths by not being uncomfortable and being reasonably priced.

like New Times Hair provide affordable prices by cutting out middlemen. In conclusion, Remy human hair extensions are a premium, adaptable, and reasonably priced hair enhancement solution.

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