5 Benefits of Using Coconut Oil on Your Hair

Having thick, healthy, luscious locks is every woman’s dream. Great hair days, or weeks, can help to make you feel better and stronger. In fact, 81% of women said that they felt most confident when their hair looked great.

But with so many different products and routines that hair specialists swear by, how can you be sure that the products you use and the hair care routines you do are what’s best for your hair? The answer is simple, use coconut oil and ditch the complicated hair care routines.

5 Benefits of Using Coconut Oil on Your Hair

Coconut oil has many uses, for example, people use it to fight off bacteria, burn fat, whiten their teeth, and remove their make-up. But it can also be used to treat your hair for less of the cost of expensive products that might not be working. Don’t take our word for it, have a look at these benefits:

Be Dry No More

Dry hair can ruin your look and your day, but one way to avoid having dry hair is by using a leave-in treatment that can moisturise and provide nourishment for your locks. Coconut oil can help keep your hair protected from all the seasons, whether it’s the scorching sun that’s drying out your hair or the blusterous winter.

Get Rid of Dandruff

If you suffer from unwanted dandruff it can be infuriating trying to find something that works and is not harmful for your hair. Enter coconut oil! Yes, coconut oil can help keep your scalp dandruff free. We suggest you massage it on your scalp and leave for five minutes before you wash it off and then use shampoo.

Grow Thicker, Healthier and Longer Hair

According to the hair experts at Glamourpilot, coconut oil can help you grow thicker, healthier and longer locks. This magical oil is full of vitamins and fatty acids that help boost the health of your scalp and cuticles. The natural occurring fatty acids also remove sebum build-up in your hair (which encourages it to grow faster!)

Protects Against Bleach

For those who are looking for a solution to help them protect their hair from the harmful damage of bleach can benefit from using coconut oil. If you’re planning on bleaching your hair or getting highlights, just treat it to some coconut oil first and it’ll be better protected against the chemicals.

Fight Your Fizz and Split Ends

Another hair disaster coconut oil can save you from is unwanted frizzy hair. Those who suffer from frizz know how difficult it can be to fight, but by applying some coconut oil (and giving your hair the necessary moisture) you can say goodbye to frizz.

Alongside fighting frizz, coconut oil can also help your split end problem. By smoothing the cuticles of your split ends, your hair will look less dull and frayed. However, remember that coconut oil is a quick-fix solution for split ends and that you’ll need to get it cut soon in order to keep it healthy.

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