Top Myths About Hair Growth Treatments

Hair loss is one of the most common issues people are suffering these days. According to a survey, approximately thirty-five million men and twenty-one million women suffer from hair loss in the USA. Given a society driven by looks so much, it becomes an indispensable issue to discuss. Hair growth treatments have become the jugular vein of people who are losing hair. There are several treatments available these days to choose. With this, come a lot of myths about different hair growth treatments, like:

  • Using lasers for hair growth causes allergy
  • Hair growth treatments are painful
  • Hair growth treatments are permanent

We will be discussing some of these myths here.

1.) Myth: Hair Growth Treatments Are Expensive

One of the most common myths about hair growth treatments is that they are super expensive and that only the rich can afford them. This is not the truth, as some hair growth treatments like minoxidil range between $25 to $45 for a three-month supply. Even the relatively expensive treatments like lasers for hair growth start from $595.

2.) Myth: Hair Growth Treatments Have A Lot Of Side Effects

This is again a pervasive myth about hair growth treatments. Recent developments in this field have paved the way for many painless and safe solutions for hair growth. Many of the modern hair growth treatments are natural and do not even require any medication.

3.) Myth: Hair Growth Treatments Are Painful

A lot of people suffering from hair loss believe that taking hair growth treatments would be very painful. This is not the truth. With advancing technologies and modernization in the healthcare sector, regrowing your hair these days is like a cakewalk if you have the proper guidance.

4.) Myth: Only Hair Growth Treatments Are Sufficient To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair growth treatments are one of the easiest ways to regrow our hair, but it is not the only way to prevent hair loss. The health of your hair depends upon some factors like:

  • Diet
  • Genetics
  • Stress management
  • How you maintain your hair

These are some of the many factors that contribute to your hair growth even after taking treatments for hair loss.

5.) Myth: Hair Growth Treatments Work For Everyone

Hair growth treatments do not work for everyone, they may work for most people, but there are exceptions. So, assuming that they work for everyone is not logical. People suffering from widespread thinning or injury might have no effect of any hair growth treatment.

6.) Myth: Hair Growth Treatments Are Permanent

No hair growth treatment or even transplants can guarantee you complete and permanent hair growth. Most hair growth treatments require regular use of products, medicines, or frequent sittings with your dermatologist. Some of them have a relatively long span, while others may have to be repeated every three months.

7.) Myth: Hair Growth Treatments Are Easy

Although most hair growth regimes available these days are easy and convenient, some of them may demand a lot of care and attention post-treatment. So, before you decide what type of hair growth treatment you will choose, ask your dermatologist or therapist the post-treatment care to make things clear.

The Bottom Line

Hair growth treatments have become very confusing amid fierce competition and demand. Some facts about these are true, while many of them are myths and have to be debunked. I have tried to bust some of those here.

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