4 Basic Tips on Buying Best Lace Front Wigs


Every lace front wig buyer wants to feel confident about how they look. The most overwhelming part is knowing exactly what wig to choose, considering the many options available. Nadula human hair offers you pure virgin hair lace front wigs which gives you a lasting touch to enhance your beauty. This article will give a detailed guide on choosing the best lace front wig for beginners and anyone interested in upgrading their style into pure human virgin hair.

What is a Lace Front Wig?

The wig gets the name from its nature of having a lace at the front of your head. The lace blends in with your skin to give a seamless look. Lace front wigs may be parted at any side. It will depend on what type and size of lace attached to it. One of the key things to do when deciding what the lace front wig to buy is to learn your look and style.

1. How to choose the right Lace Front Wig?

You can determine your lace wig by knowing your face type and head size. Most importantly the shape plays largely when styling the lace wig to synchrony with your look’s features. Most women’s head sizes range between 22 and 23 inches. However, some could have significantly smaller or bigger heads.

The beauty of lace front wigs is that size and shape do not matter; there is always something for everyone. Measure your head to get your exact size and run face recognition to know your face shape (Look out for tips to measure your head and face shape recognition).

2. Choosing the right lace wig

After knowing the basics of your appearance, the next thing is to choose what lace front wig suits your look. There are numerous types, textures, and colors of lace front wigs. However, the preference may be different according to texture or color. The best texture for lace front wigs is the pure virgin human hair. The wig offers you a natural look instead of hard and coarse hair that feels irritating.

Lace front wig textures are either kinky, straight, or yaki. We have two major types of laces, you can choose from the minimal effort fierce or sleek look. Contrary to what many ladies choose, the ideal lace front wig for a natural hair look is the yaki lace front wig.

Available in our store we have large sales to choose from, such as the deep wave, loose wave, water wave, and the curly texture. Nadula hair offers an extra discount for all textures you buy. Our online store offers the largest lace front wig sale with a variety of luxurious textures.

3. What lace front wig color should you choose?

The choice of color for your lace front wig is additionally important. You should choose a color that compliments your skin tone. Also, it is important to note that the texture of the wig will determine whether to dye it in the future or not. Some lace front wigs come dyed while others are available in natural black.

Dyed wigs could be quite hard to re-dye or bleach. However, the best thing about Nadula hair is that you can always get the color that matches your desirable style. Be sure to choose a color that easily blends with your skin. Choosing the worn color will make it twice as hard to blend in the lace to your skin.

  1. Why should you consider your hair volume?

The hair volume is also a key factor in choosing a lace front wig. Most wig density will range from 50% to 200% determining the volume of u part wig you will require. If you need a much fuller look, you should go for higher density and low density for a thinner look. Basically, the volume is determined by the appearance of your face shape and head size.

Nadula hair offers you pure, light, luxurious, and stylish wigs with a variety of prices. We assure on quality natural hair with durable texture. Our products come with price tag discounts offering you a pocket friendly price. Be sure to take good care of your lace front wig after purchasing, clean it regularly, detangle, and style as desired.

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