Why a tarpaulin is better than gazebo

Here is why a tarpaulin is better than gazebo:

  • Gazebos are beautiful structures that create a comfortable place to hang out in but they can be quite pricey and you will need to buy it together with the stakes if your gazebo comes in a pack. Gazebos are not entirely waterproof too since their roofs are made up of cloth.
  • A tarpaulin, on the other hand, is an essential survival tool. It can be used to create a temporary shelter for outside activities like picnics and camping since it is made out of water-resistant materials that are very durable.
  • Most tarpaulins come in 2-4 sizes
  • Tarpaulins are usually sold by the meter
  • Gazebos, on the other hand, come in various sizes
  • Gazebos’ roofs can easily collapse
  • If it comes with stakes, you need to buy them separately
  • Tarpaulin’s material is very durable
  • Gazebos are made up of cloth so they can easily break or rip
  • It is lightweight and portable so it won’t take too much space inside your car if you want to bring it along for an outing. It also doesn’t slide off whenever there’s wind since tarpaulins have 4-6 rings at each corner that act as anchor points. You can secure your tarpaulin with a stake
  • Tarpaulins can be easily adjusted so it will not flap around
  • Gazebos have cloth roofs so they move whenever there’s wind
  • It is cheaper than gazebos which cost from P15, 000-P35, 000 each. Since tarpaulins are sold by the meter, you just need to buy as much as you want without having to pay for an entire set of gazebos. A 10X20 meter tarp only costs between P1,800-P3,000 depending on its quality and thickness
  • If a tarpaulin gets holes or rips, it’s easy to fix
  • A gazebo requires a lot of maintenance since it is quite expensive
  • It can also be used as a ground cover when picnicking or camping since it is very durable
  • Gazebos cannot provide that much protection from the sun and rain. A tarpaulin, on the hand, offers more space to rest under even if there are lots of people with you.
  • The roof of a gazebo can easily collapse when struck by heavy rains since they use cloth roofs instead of solid materials like in the case of a tarpaulin.
  • Outdoor activities make up a large part of my family’s life so we regularly set up our backyard for picnics
  • We’ve tried buying a gazebo to replace our old tent but it looks flimsy and the material isn’t as durable as we expected
  • While there are lots of people in our family, large tarpaulin only costs around P3, 000-P5, 000 so it’s much more affordable compared to a gazebo which is sold at a starting price of P15, 000.
  • When rain comes pouring down from the sky, we have no choice but to stop what we’re doing and go back inside our house if we still want to stay dry. We need something that can provide us shelter even when heavy rains hit since my whole family loves to go out and play
  • We already have a 10X20 meter tarp from the previous time we went camping
  • It can also help protect our food from stray animals. I don’t want our barbeque party ruined just because some wild dogs or cats decided to eat our meat even if it wasn’t cooked yet. It’s much easier to just hang a tarpaulin above us whenever we’re having a picnic or going camping compared to tying up a gazebo which takes much longer.
  • Gazebos require lots of maintenance so it is not really cost-effective in the long run. If you only spend at least P15, 000 for an item, it had better last for at least 3 years

Gazebos are bulky and expensive.

It is more of an investment if you’re planning to buy a gazebo since it can cost up to P35, 000 or even P50, 000 depending on its brand and size. It’s already very pricey if the materials are thick but I know some gazebos only use light cloth so they must be way more affordable than what they look like.


A tarpaulin is much more affordable and easier to clean compared to a gazebo. It can provide shade and shelter from rain and sun with very minimal maintenance needed. If it gets holes, you just need to patch them up and there’s no need for further repairs because tarpaulins are made of strong materials.

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