Tips For Buying A Patio Umbrella

A hot, sunny day is great for the pool or stretch out on your favourite chair lounge, but without the benefit of a well located solar patio umbrella, even the best equipped deck or patio can be uncomfortable. Frontera has you covered regardless if you are looking for a simple market umbrella for a small dinner table or a large, offset umbrella to shade a whole seating area. We have the best Cantilever Umbrellas for you.

What do you want to shade?

Choose a traditional market umbrella for 2-8 people dining tables. These parasols include a central pole, which sits in a weighted base through a hole at the centre of the dinner table. They have ribbed canopies and can be opened and shut via a crank or pulley system. Many market umbrelas have a tilt function for optimal shade throughout the day, available in sizes up to 16 feet in diameter. Canopies in a variety of textile grades and colours are available. A cantilever umbrella works best for larger dining tables or whole sitting areas. The patio shade features a heavy-duty pole (mounted on a very heavy base) with a long arm to hold the shading canopy on the side. This enables you, rather than in the centre of the canopy, to shade a large area by holding the pole out. Cantilever shades are also available in many sizes and shapes, with an incline feature and canopies in several fabrics and colours. If you are looking for deck Gazebo, visit our site.

Size of area

Choose an octogonal form for round dining tables. Choose a square or rectangular shape for rectangular and square tables.

Cantilever Umbrellas

Determine the general shape of the area you want shade and select the best canopy option. Tip: Choose a 5 ft wider canopy than the area you want to shade for better coverage. You can get the best offset Umbrellas with us.

Type of climate

Windy Areas – Umbrella canopies are no different from sailing ships, so high wind locations require a number of considerations. Wind gusts may pull out of their foundation ribs of canopy, snap bars, or shut umbrellas and send them down by flying three portals. When you live in an area that is windy. Near the Ocean – Consider a courtyard with an aluminium pole, that is not rustious or deteriorating with the moist, salty air if you live near the ocean. Search for canopies for UV-protected, mildew-resistent and easy to clean fabrics in Sunbrella.

High Altitude – Higher altitudes mean closer proximity to the sun and stronger rays on your parachute. Over time, this may lead to deterioration and acceleration. All our umbrella canopies are designed for an intense outdoor sun but Sunbrella textiles, in particular, are known for their durable colour and UV protection.


You get what you pay for in quality and longevity with courtyard umbrellas. If you’ve ever been tempted by a big box store to buy an inexpensive courtyard shade, you’re likely to have learnt the hard way—canopy fabric tears, canopy ribs break and can’t be replaced, pulley systems bond or break down, and the lightweight base shade wasn’t enough for your shade to sail up and out of your yard. If your deck or patio is a place to spend any real time, invest in a patio shade that supports the items and shades for the coming years.

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