Things to keep in mind when looking for a Title IX advisor in California?

If you or your loved one is charged with a Title IX offense, you would probably know the emotional and academic repercussions of allegations of sexual misconduct on campus.

While defending oneself in a Title IX case in California, an “advisor” can be chosen to aid in the investigation and hearing process. But, you need to choose an experienced Title IX advisor in California who can skillfully mount a strong defense.

What is Title IX and how does it work in California?

It comes under the Education Amendment Act 1972, a part of the federal Civil Rights Law. It prohibits sex-based discrimination and sexual misconduct on the campuses receiving Federal financial assistance in the United States.

The investigation of Title IX violation is overseen by the Title IX coordinator on the campus. The advisors of the complainant and the respondent are allowed to present their arguments. The final verdict is then given in the case.

The schools in California adopt various measures like restitution, suspension, mandatory counseling to deal with Title IX cases. However, it has been found that expulsion from school has been the most resorted measure. This has serious ramifications for the student.

For instance, once expelled from one of California’s state system schools, you become ineligible for enrolment at any other school in the state.

Further, the notation of sexual misconduct on the school transcript will make it difficult to move to any other state, as well. It can virtually mark the end of an academic career.

Lastly, mention of sexual misconduct interferes with availing of financial aid, internship opportunities, and acceptance at reputed graduate schools.

How can a Title IX advisor help you?

An experienced Title IX attorney in California has vast experience in defending hundreds of cases across schools in California. It results in practical knowledge of the law and the academic atmosphere in California.

Further, an expert legal counsel can help fight the cases of false accusations and politicized allegations skillfully.

Even in cases of established guilt, an experienced Title IX attorney can negotiate a fair settlement to salvage the student’s academic career.

Therefore, a Title IX advisor is essential to fight for protecting the rights of the accused and establish a due process in cases of sexual misconduct.

Concluding thoughts

The severe repercussions of Title IX cases in California make it highly desirable to avail the services of an expert Title IX advisor here to fight your case. Practical wisdom and academic knowledge can greatly aid in securing your academic career.

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