Camping in Snow – Things to Remember

Many people plan to go for an outdoor adventure as soon as the temperatures start to drop. As an avid camper, you need to take a few extra tips for planning a winter camping trip. Sleeping in a place covered in snow seems beautiful and a must-living experience but only if you are prepared properly. Get detailed information about the safety measures for extreme weather conditions, on this website: gotonewdirect

Following are a few tips that can help you out in planning great camping in the snow and staying warm.

Start Warm, Stay warm

Believe it or not, a sleeping bag does not create warmth, it just traps it. It means that you will need other warm items for keeping your body temperature low. Along with it, before jumping in the sleeping bag, warm up your body like jumping jacks, pushes or crunches. However, ensure you stop exercising before your body starts sweating.

It is recommended to get a pair of snowshoes as well so that you can walk in the snow easily without slipping off.

Build a snow kitchen

If you are planning for setting up a base camp for your trip, it is recommended to make a snow kitchen. The kitchen provides the required warmth, shelter, and a night hang out spot. By having a kitchen, you can keep your camp warm. If you have space in your vehicle, take cookware for camping with you.

You might need a lightweight snow shovel for this task. It is recommended to look out for a spot for your kitchen nearby your tent site.

To smartly plan your sleep

The only difference between a frozen nightmare and a wonderful sleep in the winter wonderland is nothing but just planning. It is important to have all the required winter gear and to know how you can use it properly for keeping yourself warm.

One of the initial steps of pre-gear preparation is a selection of the gear. It is essential to have the right gear with you to keep yourself safe and comfortable.

Sleeping bag

Are you well aware of the low temperatures of any region? If not it is recommended to research before heading out, you will be able to find the right bag for yourself. A temperature rating will be displayed on either a sleeping bag or the bag sack of a company. For men sleeping bags, a lower limit rating (the lowest temperature a person will be comfortable sleeping in the bag) is considered. On the other hand, for designing women’s sleeping bags, comfort is the key consideration.

Take extra layers with you to fill in the empty spaces in your sleeping bag as empty spaces become the cold spots.

Sleeping mats

Not all mats designed for sleeping are equal, they are used to prevent your back from getting frozen. No matter you have a warm sleeping bag, still, your back can get cold. R-value is the measurement indicating the ability of the sleeping mat to resist heat and insulate you. The higher the value is, the warmer the sleeping mat is.

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