The Best Tracking Apps to Monitor your Kids

The internet is a haven of both harmful and useful activities. You are never sure which one your child frequents. You have to protect your child from violent, adult and dangerous contents.

Here is a list of top mobile tracking apps to monitor your child’s online activities.

  1. Children Tracking

Children Tracking is an app dedicated to tracking your child’s offline and online activities. Use it when you are interested in knowing your child’s whereabouts all the time. It allows you to view the child’s location.

One of the cons of the app is that it comes with a user-friendly interface. It is also optimized to consume less battery.

The main concern the app comes with is that it allows advertisements, which can be a nuisance for some.

  1. mSpy

A report by TopTrackingApps states that mSpy is the most used phone tracking app worldwide. It is a functional tracking app that allows you to monitor several activities of your child. You can view calls, texts, contacts list, location, and more.

mSpy comes with reliability and ease of use, leading to its popularity.

  1. The Spy Bubble

The Spy Bubble is a useful tracking app that allows you to monitor several aspects of your child’s activities. It enables you to monitor calls, appointments and tasks logs, websites, and WhatsApp. The app provides more than 30 monitoring features.

The apps most significant selling point is that it complies with the GDPR guidelines. This helps in securing personal data. It allows different paying methods and a trial version.

  1. The Phone Sherriff

The Phone Sherriff is the ultimate app for parents who want to control the time kids spend on the phone. The app allows you to set a time limit after which it automatically shuts down the phone.

  1. Mobicip

Unlike the other tracking apps, Mobicip is all about controlling the sites your child can access. You can set it to different versions depending on the child’s level. For middle school children, you can block gambling, dating, online liquor stores and chat sites. For high school, children prevent violence, adult content and sexual sites.

  1. The Truth Spy

Truth Spy is a free spying app that comes with high-level tracking capacity. It provides detailed data making it useful in locating lost devices. The app allows you to monitor the child’s GPS and browsing history. It comes with an accessible interface and a free 48 hours trial.

  1. SpyHuman

SpyHuman is an app that allows tracking in multiple devices. You can use it on phone and PC, making it convenient for use both at work and at home. The app will enable you to monitor calls and block apps at will. It comes with a stealth mode for easy use on the background.


It is your duty as a parent to keep your child safe online. This detailed list of the best tracking apps gives you the place to start. Most of these apps run on any operating system and allows you to monitor a range of activities.

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