These 5 Carpet Cleaning Hacks Will Save You Money

Hate those stains on the carpet that just won’t go away? While there is the option of calling in a professional carpet cleaner Adelaide homeowners can consider, they can burn a hole through the pocket. Especially if you stain or dirty your carpets often. That is why you need carpet-cleaning hacks that can save both your rug and money. Here are 5 tips that can do this:

Iron the stains out

Your iron can much more than stiffen your starched shirts. Yes, it can help clean the stains on your carpet. Vacuum the carpet first to remove any dirt. Next, place a towel damp with a solution of one part vinegar and three parts water over the stain. Use the iron to heat the towel and move around until the stain is lifted onto the towel.

Homemade deodorizer

Who doesn’t want their carpet to smell like daisies? Well, you can have just that making this simple deodorizer at home. All you need are about 10-20 drops of essential oil and approximately 16-ounces of baking soda. Mix it well and store it in a jar. Sprinkle it over the carpet and leave it for 5 minutes before vacuuming it. Voila! Say hello to a rug that smells amazing.

Homemade carpet cleaner

Need a deep cleaner for your carpets? Here is a quick recipe for a homemade one. Mix ¾ cup of hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup of white vinegar, 2 tablespoons of dish soap, 5 drops of essential oil, 2 tablespoons of fabric softener, and one gallon of hot water and store. You can use this in your rug cleaning machine to get a chemical-free carpet!

Cleaning tips for shag carpets

If you own a shag carpet, you know just how harsh most vacuum cleaners can be on such rugs. At the end of each cleaning session, you will your carpet shedding or its fibers frizzy. Avoid this by de-shagging your rug with the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner. This is time-consuming but effective.

Carpet fluffing techniques

Technique 1: Spray stain removal solution of equal parts vinegar and water and blot up the stain. Then, run a spoon by its side along the fibers to make it stand straight.

Technique 2: Damp the rug with ice cubes and dab the excess moisture with a towel. Lay the towel on top and iron it to dry the fibers. Once dry, fluff them with your hands.


Maintaining a rug is tough because they vulnerable to stains and being matted. However, with some hacks and a lot of care, you can have your carpets looking like they came right off a magazine. These five tips will help you save money and your rug with little effort. Ready to have flawless carpets?

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