FamiSafe: Your child’s virtual guard

As a parent, the most worrisome thing in the world is the safety and security of your child, and still, parents have to deal with this anxiety every day of their lives and let their children out in this world to perform routine things.

A parent can never have an idea where their children are or what they are up to when their parents are not around. This world is a very scary place, especially when such dangerous things are just a blink away.

And it is not only the real world that is full of trouble but the virtual world that is the internet is equally terrifying, where our children become a subject to pornographic content or cyber-bullying and many other harming content very easily, as a matter of fact, form an addiction to such things as well. The only way to protect our children is by keeping an eye on them, and how is that possible?

The answer is simple, it is to use a parental monitoring tool, the children of today’s generation are very smart and can easily outsmart any app or tackle it, so to overcome this, a very reliable and smart app is required to do the job. For this purpose, the giants of the technological world “Wondershare” has launched an app called FamiSafe.

Being released by one of the leaders in the technological world, FamiSafe is an app that parents can blindly trust, it has made a huge impact and created a name for itself already. It is specially designed to help a parent keep an eye as well as keep track of their children’s activity.

Beneficial Key features

App monitoring, GPS tracking, Browser history, web content monitor, monitor app usage and many more, it is like an ideal app that will help you check all the activities of your child’s phone but it does not have the feature yet to keep an eye on text messages and call logs etc.

Easy Installation

The installation of this app is very quick and easy as well, this app is very conveniently available on the play store on android devices and app store app devices. This makes its installation very quick and easy without undergoing any hurdles that require rooting the phone that the app needs to be installed in, which is the case in many monitoring apps.

Personalized Settings

Another plus point for this app is that once it is installed, the need for continuously accessing and setting up changes using their phone will be inessential, you can control and handle app through your phone. Alongside this app has a wide range of compatibility with devices, for androids all devices that are 4.4 Android and above and iOS 9.x and above are compatible and can run the app very smoothly.

Subscription Package

This app is also very cost-effective and comprises a very effective subscription option as per the feasibility of the customer; it comes with 3 different subscription timings. It also gives the advantage of a 3 days free trial, which gives 90 percent of the features that this app aims to provide, so you can see it delivers what it promises and then plan for a purchase.

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