Why Is It Important to Keep an Eye on Your Children?

It happens a lot of time that when the child goes out of the house to play, the parents always check on the kid through the window. It is very important for parents to watch them what they are doing on social network.

There are different methods to keep an eye on the kids while they are online.

  1. Friending/Following Them

Many parents already tried this one. But this is not the exact way of finding out what they are doing online because most of the kids have multiple accounts. They can use different accounts in which you might not be friended or blocked. You can easily track the activities of your children using the spy phone.

Many smart kids do posts to their accounts regularly but they post on the other account about their personal life or personal things. Zombie phone is the one that is not on a call or the data plan. But the phone can use the internet using the WIFI. Many clever kids do use this kind of strategies to keep away their personal lives from the parents.

On many apps different kinds of groups can be found which include public, private or secret ones. Just like on Facebook, people have Public, closed or the secret groups in which they share their interests. Let’s say mutual interests. Nobody can tell about the secret groups joining of the other people until that person is also a member.

  1. Seeing What their Friends Do

You can check on your kids by checking on other kids which are friends to your kids. Maybe they do not have privacy on their accounts and the followers are not hidden. They may be public. You can check for their account from these followers. You can watch comments on their posts by your kid and what kind of posts do they do. Maybe you can find out some new things about your kids. Some pictures of parties where your kid did not went.

  1. Third Party Monitoring Apps

There are a lot of options here to decide from. The features come in a variety of being extremely lenient to being very restraining. Those that are lenient tend to be additional of a monitor app that lets parents be familiar with if a kid does a bit questionable online. At the conflicting end of the band, a number of the apps shut out certain apps or else websites from a machine. Certainly, these apps merely work if the child does not have an extra android phone. By means of a lot of options accessible, they let parents to find the monitor app that match their parenting method.

  1. Signing on as Your Kids

As this is mainly time-consuming method to be acquainted with what children are doing online, it can be the most efficient. Though, this assumes that the kid doesn’t have account on websites that their parents don’t be familiar with – also single accounts or multiples on the similar website. The similar is factual for kids who have unidentified devices to make use of.

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