Slim Men’s Guide to Being Fashionable

Fashion knows no body physique, and just because you are fit and healthy doesn’t mean you are worry free when it comes to styling yourself. All of us have our own fashion issues.

But if there’s one body build that is always a subject to this problem, then that would be slim.

Slim men, specifically, are the ones who experience this as for them, body strength is important, and when you look slim, then you somehow look weak, and when you look weak, that means you look less fashionable. Learn more about Slim Men’s Guide to Being Fashionable at

Thus, if you are one of those slim men, here’s a guide to make you look fashionable despite having that body build. Read on!

1. Avoid wearing too big clothes

Some of us think that wearing big shirts makes us look big and bulky. Let me burst your bubbles. Wearing clothes that are too big just makes you look thinner. You will appear like a cheap and trying-hard rapper, or a kid wearing his 6-foot-tall brother’s shirt.


2. Slim Men’s Guide to Being Fashionable

To counteract your wrong thinking that wearing too big clothes is just okay for slim men, here’s a proven technique: choose clothes that fit your build. Although following this tip won’t make you look muscular, it will surely make you look neat and proper resulting in giving you a look that is powerful.

3. Slim Men’s Guide to Being Fashionable

Patterns are more than just designs. It directs people to a specific illusion that you want to convey. If you are slim, you surely want to look more mascular or wider. Thus, the perfect pattern for you is stripe. However, vertical stripes only make you look thinner as they add you more length. On the other hand, horizontal stripes are your friends as they can add width to your build. Check out, for example, these fashionable shirts with the said stripe pattern offered by Nimble Made.

4. Slim Men’s Guide to Being Fashionable

It is simply putting on two or more clothes to add bulkiness to your physique.This is probably the fastest and easiest way for you to look manly. You can have t-shirt inside, then, layer it with polo, and finish it with a sweater. It is best done during the spring season when the weather is not too hot and not too cold. Also, layering can also depend on the occasion. For example, you are at the office, ofcourse, the best finishing clothes are fashionable suits.

5. Slim Men’s Guide to Being Fashionable

Black never goes out of style. Yes, that’s true. While that statement is a fact, black or dark-colored shirts are inappropriate for men who are slim as dark colors are for reducing size or width visually. Black, especially, is for creating an empty dark dimension, so it somehow trims your already small build. On the other hand, shirts with light colors, like white or light blue are for accentuating the muscles in your body since shades are visible on white shirts.

6. Slim Men’s Guide to Being Fashionable

Having strong-looking shoulders adds a statement to your whole “outfit of the day”. Let’s say having broad shoulders are manlier, so to have that most wanted type of shoulders, the quickest way to do it is by using pads.

7. Slim Men’s Guide to Being Fashionable

We can’t deny the fact that we sometimes wear clothes that don’t look good on us, and this might happen even to the most fashionable men on Earth, but what makes them look pleasing to the eyes with those supposedly bad shirts is their confidence. You tell and show people that whatever is it that you are wearing, it looks good on you. It’s like If there’s no way out, you make your own exit point.

Final Words

Being fashionable is not just for fit and sexy bodies. Even the slender ones can pull off certain styles. You just have to study your build. Follow the tips above and solve your slim guy fashion problem.

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