21st Century’s Smart Clothes

The fashion industry is slowly shifting into being more sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly. We’re saying goodbye to synthetic fiber and saying hello to biodegradable textile fabrics made from orange fiber. We’re welcoming tech innovation and recycled materials in fashion design. It’s out with  fast fashion, and in with sustainable clothing. And it’s about time you start supporting the movement!

How have clothes changed over the past century?

It’s a fact that trends go in and out of style. But you might have noticed how most of the popular fashion have always gone back in style even in the modern days. Fashion always repeats itself. Just wait another twenty years or so!

Fashion trends simply follow cycles and recycles. It’s altering little things here and there to fit the modern taste, but nonetheless very much inspired by the time it was created. Ultimately, fashion has definitely changed in the past 100 years and will continue to change forever.

Society has shifted from wearing conservative clothing to more revealing pieces. Surely, styles of clothing have changed, we’re discovering different materials used to create such pieces, and the fashion industry just keeps getting bigger and bigger. But with these changes come the true reflection of what our society has become.

The change in clothes’ convenience

Fast fashion is all around us. It’s in billboard ads, it’s in TV commercials, it’s all over magazines and across social media platforms. Fast fashion wants your attention and we simply give it that. What really lies behind the fast fashion industry, is always buried by the influx of trends and attractive advertisements.

It mass produces very cheap clothing while still looking very similar to those made by designer brands. It is driven by the pressure to reduce costs and speed up the production process which often results in negative environmental and ethical problems. All of these in the name of convenience and profit.

It’s not a secret that the fashion industry belongs to the top industry that pollutes our environment. Such negative impact includes using cheap and toxic textile dyes that often end up in oceans, non-biodegradable synthetic fibers derived from fossil fuels that eventually end up in landfills. Our fast fashion filled closets are certainly connected to huge global economic and climate crises now more than ever.

But now, there has been an increase in sustainable fashion brands that are dedicated to initiate and foster change in the systems and products of the fashion industry for the better. Fashion brands like Patagonia, Reformation, Orange Fiber, and Organic Basics are partaking in the movement by creating environmentally friendly and fitting clothing for all shapes and sizes. In fact, your local thrift shop might just be the most sustainable “brand” you’ve been looking for!

What are the comfiest outfits of the current 21st century?
Here are three of the most popular comfiest and coziest outfits the modern girl loves:

  1. Oversized tees
    You can never go wrong with an oversized t-shirt. Whether it’s rocking a night-out or snuggling in bed all day, big tees are always a closet staple. Paired with the right clothing pieces, you can definitely dress it up or simply just let it loose!

    2. Athletic wear
    Is it the Lululemon sports bra or those LiftLegging scrunch leggings? Whichever it is, there’s no doubt that sportswear is one of the comfiest outfits to put on, especially when you’re trying to break a sweat at the gym. It gives you the perfect amount of support and comfort so you don’t have to worry about anything!

    3. Sweatpants
    If there was another word for sweatpants, it would most definitely be “comfort”. Slip into your trusty pair, and you’ll feel like you’re ready to conquer the world whenever and wherever!

    Are you fashionable or stylish? “What’s the difference?”, you might ask. Stylish means looking your best self by reflecting your lifestyle and personality through the clothes that you wear. Fashionable means having to follow modern trends. Being stylish is working with whatever clothing pieces you already have and making it your own. Being fashionable is letting your clothes dictate who you are and what you’re all about. So, which one are you?

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