Vintage Sunglasses for Fashion Addicts

Fashion trends are circular. They come and go, then come again later on. That is why no matter what new sunglasses trends come, the vintage stays alive. Movies and adventure inspire most of the vintage sunglasses.

Vintage sunglasses tend to come with history attached to them, which makes them quite outstanding. Given that almost everyone has seen a pair before but not got a hand on it, a vintage sunglass is a way to get the attention you crave. Sunglasses Layoners understand the value in classics, and seeks to keep the tradition.

If you are going for the vintage sunglasses, you have no option but to get it right.

Shopping for Vintage Sunglasses

Shopping for vintage sunglasses is quite involving. The first consideration to make is the years you are after. There are distinctive features with sunglasses from different years. The most viable years to choose from are the 50s onwards. Other than the year, go for the ideal sunglass for your shape face.

The condition of the sunglasses is also critical when shopping. Over the years, the sunglasses are likely to have scratches and discoloration. Look for some of the preserved sunglasses Layoners for the best of vintage.

Lastly, you have to consider your budget when shopping for vintage sunglasses. Most of the vintage sunglasses are quite expensive. Having stood the test of time, they offer something more than regular sunglasses. It is not uncommon for some of the most iconic sunglasses like Steve McQueen’s Persol 0714 to fetch up to $70000 in auctions. Learn more about Vintage Sunglasses for Fashion Addicts at

The Best Vintage Sunglasses for Fashion Addicts

A fashion addict is someone who values the excitement that comes with wearing a fashion piece. Every piece of clothing is about making a statement. Some of the vintage sunglasses to consider for the fashion gurus are;


For more than the past 25 years, the aviator sunglasses have been the head turners. These sunglasses are designed with precision for that excellent look for the outdoors. Even though there are several aviator sunglasses types, go for the fashion aviators if you are after the looks. You can also opt for the mirrored and polarized aviator sunglasses.

Persol’s Dolce Vita Lifestyle

This Italian sunglass is one of the most iconic sunglasses of all time. Created by a reputable industry player, Persol, the sunglasses come with a prestigious touch. It comes with hangers that make it great for any face shape. Its superiority has made it a hit among top Hollywood stars.

Dior’s XXX Sunglasses

Every fashion enthusiast knows the magic of large sunglasses. If you are looking to try it out, then go with the Dior’s XXX sunglasses. Inspired by the 70s and 80s, this sunglass has kept the quality that made it a regular on the celebrity scene.

The vintage Round shape sunglasses

Anytime you imagine sunglasses, the first shape that comes to mind is round. That is because the round is what inspires all the other frame shapes. Wearing round sunglasses automatically brings the vintage feel. Feel free to play around with the color and material of the frame.

Bottom Line

Vintage sunglasses will never go out of fashion. Even though quite hard to get, Layoners sunglasses presents a fashion enthusiast a starting point when looking for one.

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