The Fitting Guide to Choose the Right Men’s Button-Down Shirts

Not all of us have the time or the patience to get custom-made button-down shirts made. So, you end up shopping for readymade shirts. With racks and racks of shirts on display, it can be mind-boggling to pick the perfect one. Here is our fool-proof method of choosing the best men’s button down shirts.

Shirt fits can be broadly classified into four categories: Classic, Slim, skinny, and modern or contemporary. Finding the fit that suits your shape is the most critical element when shopping for shirts. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

Classic Fit

A classic fit is something that your grandfather wore. It’s boxier, comfortable, with a lot of room for movement. It has two pleats near the yoke in the back. This fit is aimed at comfort as men did not wear them without a jacket or vest. If you have a round shape, this can be a flattering fit for you. Avoid it if you’re skinny.

Slim Fit

With it becoming acceptable to wear a shirt without a jacket, the fit of the shirt becomes the focal point of your look. This fit eliminates the excess fabric and contours your body’s shape. It is designed to have an accentuated back and high armholes to give an almost tight fit. It does restrict your movements when compared to the classic fit shirt, but does it look smart or what. The fit is best suited if you’re slim.

Skinny Fit

This is a tighter version of the slim fit shirt. It is a flattering look for those who are, as the name suggests, skinny. The younger lot prefers this look. This look is characterized by restricted movements and a lot of wrinkles.

Modern/Contemporary Fit

This look is the in-between of the classic and the slim fit. It blends the best of both styles with a perfect blend of comfort and style. The back has small darts, and the shirt gives a slightly tapered silhouette, which gives it a trimmer look than the classic shirt. The sleeves are neither too fitted nor too loose, with enough fabric to allow ease of movement.

The armholes are high to give a snug fit. If you’re not exactly the picture of slimness, then this is your best bet. It will make you look thinner without restricting your movement.

Formal and Informal

What differentiates formal and informal shirts is that formal shirts are plain in the front. Casual shirts have either one or two pockets and may have additional detailing like decorative stitching or darts.

Evening Shirts and Tuxedo Shirts

If you’re attending a black-tie gala, then a simple white shirt will not work. This occasion requires an evening shirt. This shirt, though white, has a contrasting panel in the front that is either pleated or piqued. Also, the collar is down with a traditional spread.

Picking the right fit for your shirt is an essential element of your wardrobe. With so many options in men’s button-down shirts, the above tips of the various kind of fits should help you achieve an elegant and stylish look. You can always mix you the styles depending on the occasion to get a new look every time.

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