Restoring Old Automobiles

Restoration of old items is both a fun hobby and a potentially lucrative career. While many people take on restoration projects involving things like antiques and furniture, automotive restoration is a huge part of the restoration market and hobbyist community. Part of the reason for this is that restoring classic cars reduces waste, but there’s also a nostalgia component involved in restoring vintage vehicles. If you’re interested in getting started with restoring an older automobile, below are some tips to keep in mind:

Replacing Hardware

There’s a debate within the restoration community as to whether you should replace internal hardware components with updated hardware. Things like modern SAE flat washers, USS flat washers and HDG flat washers may provide a better finished project, but they may also differ from factory standards used when a vehicle was first manufactured. It is, however, generally acceptable to replace components with things like zinc flat washers and other updated materials in the event that doing so will create a safer experience if you plan to drive or sell a restored vehicle. You can purchase flat washers made to your specs and domestically manufactured from Superior Washer online for fast delivery.

Know The Law

If you plan to undertake a vehicle restoration project, it would be a good idea to research laws in your area pertaining to how older vehicles are treated on the road and with regard to registration. Certain vintage vehicles may require special registration with a state or local government in order to be road-ready. Additionally, some safety and environmental components may need to be updated in order for a vehicle to be considered legal to drive. Failure to abide by these laws could result in fines and fees. In any case, your goal should always be to protect yourself and others if you plan to drive a restored automobile.

Do It For Passion, Not For Profit

Most experienced restoration enthusiasts recommend that projects should be undertaken for passion, not for profit. While you may hear about stories of someone finding and restoring a classic car to make a boatload of cash reselling it, these stories are actually fairly rare. While you can make auto restoration into a career, this approach requires more dedication than restoring a single vehicle in your spare time. If you plan to restore a vehicle, the project should be done out of a passion for the vehicle and the experience. If you’re able to resell the vehicle and make some money, that’s great, but don’t go into a restoration project expecting to make money.

As a side note, if you do sell a restored automobile, there may be specific laws in your area that can affect your liability. Because a restored automobile does not typically carry the same warranty as when it comes from the original manufacturer, you may take on some risk if someone purchases your restored vehicle and a problem occurs. Before selling, it would be a good idea to consult with a legal expert in your area who specializes in product liability law.

Be Prepared For Setbacks

During the process of restoring an older automobile, you’re bound to hit a few snags. After all, an automobile was created by an entire factory of workers and engineered by experts. If you’re working on a vehicle yourself, you can bet that the job will be tough and hiccups will happen. This is why you’re encouraged to take on restoration projects with the long-term in mind. It may help to have knowledgeable friends on standby to help out if you run into a problem. In any case, as long as you expect the unexpected, you’re more likely to enjoy the experience and come out on the other side with a finished project you can be proud to have completed.

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