Create Design Options for Old Photos with VanceAI Photo Restorer

VanceAI Photo Restorer does old photo restoration with ease and finesse by combining AI technology with affordable rates, useful features, and impeccable UI.

With an old photo restoration program, you can create design options for old photos quite easily. Considering the damage that occurs in old images, they tend to become obsolete and cannot be used anywhere. To bring old photos back to life with a photo restoration tool can be pretty helpful but it also depends which software you use. Desktop software apps offer one of the best results but are manual, which means the user has to do the editing. With VanceAI Photo Restorer, you can enhance old photos through AI technology, so everything is automated. This tool can be the best for photographers and image editors who regularly deal with such images.

Why choose an AI Photo Restorer?

An AI old photo restoration application offers you one of the best advantages in photo editing and that is automatic image processing. Image editing, especially when it comes to old photo restoration tasks, is certainly complicated as well as demanding on the user and the system. The way that is designed is that it offers an online platform for image editing where all of its image editing tools are powered by AI and Machine Learning.

In order to use VanceAI, you absolutely don’t need image editing experience or skill set. You can remove scratches from old photos online in a matter of seconds by using the AI old photo restoration tool from VanceAI. Other than that, VanceAI has also placed responsive servers online that lighten the work for your system. You could make do with mid-range systems as well, which is not the same when using desktop software applications.

A rather exclusive benefit of using the photo restorer tool from VanceAI is that VanceAI has a lot of other image editing tools on the website that complement the photo restorer. For example, VanceAI also offers a photo colorization tool that you can use after you restore old photos. This will create design options for you as you can now give your photos a new look. Other than that, VanceAI offers many productivity and image enhancement based tools such as the image upscaler, image enhancer, etc. Both of these tools can improve image quality by a big margin. Old photos generally appear faded out or lacking in quality, which you can resolve by using VanceAI tools.

How to Fix Old Photos Using Photo Restorer?

Utilizing the online AI old photo restoration tool from VanceAI, you may restore old images by following these instructions.

Step 1: You can do photo restoration online by clicking on the link given above and going to the Upload Image button in the middle of the page. That will take you to the Workspace where you can upload photos.

Step 2: Inside VanceAI Restorer Workspace, you can upload photos using the upload button given. Besides that, you can also check your remaining image credits, manage tool settings on the right, and more. After uploading the image, click on the Start to Process option to proceed.

Step 3: The old photo restoration tool will process the image and display the output on the screen. Use the Zoom feature to view the images in detail.

Since VanceAI tools follow similar patterns, you can follow these steps for using most of the VanceAI tools.

VanceAI Photo Restorer Restores Old Photos

In this part, we’ll examine at a few photos that have been restored using VanceAI’s AI vintage picture restoration programme.

1. Old Portrait Enhanced

In this example, the old photo restoration tool manages to do a great job with face enhancement and also reduces a lot of the damage marks present in the Before image. Not to mention that there is a ton of image noise all over the image, which is then removed by the photo restorer. This image only took a few seconds to process. There are a few marks still present in the After image though greatly reduced.

2. Brown Old Picture Repaired

Similar to the previous result, the AI old photo restoration tool again does a great job with face enhancement as it upgrades many details. There is more definition added to the face of the person and there is also a color improvement in the hair. Not to mention that the tool adds a good eye color as well. Other than that, the tool also gets rid of most image damage. There is just a bit of image noise at the corners of the image present in the After image as well.

3. Old Photo Repaired and Colorized

When it comes to the VanceAI Photo Restorer, a special feature offered here is the colorization of an old photo while repairing it. This alone can give your old family photos or vintage photos a really different look. When considering this example image, there are hardly any issues with how the photo restorer repairs the image, as the image is pretty clean. Also, the colorization is pretty good as well since it gives each element a realistic tone though it can’t seem to color the child’s hand, which seems a bit off.


The VanceAI Photo Restorer online tool is an excellent tool to have if you want to do some creative photo editing with old photos. Considering the amount of people editing old family photos and such, the AI photo restoration tool is a no-brainer choice. Photo restoration online becomes pretty easy due to the AI technology provided by VanceAI. In addition to that, VanceAI also offers other image editing tools that work well with the old photo restoration tool, boosting its quality further.

You can start using VanceAI by using any links given above. Create a VanceAI account quickly with your Google account. All registered VanceAI users get 3 image credits for free per month. When it comes to subscriptions, the annual plan of VanceAI only costs $5.94 per month and offers 100 image credits with additional features. The same goes for the monthly and half-yearly plans except they cost $9.90 and $7.42 per month respectively.

Additionally, the upcoming VanceAI Software gives users a choice to download desktop software, with monthly, yearly, and lifelong plans provided. You and your team members can also use VanceAI products on 3 or 5 PCs simultaneously.

Additional Choices from VanceAI

As mentioned before, VanceAI offers multiple image editing and enhancement tools on its platform. You can use many tools together for better results. For example, you can use AI photo enhancer for improving image quality. On the other hand, you can also use VanceAI Photo Colorizer to add color to old photos, especially after repairing them with the old photo restoration tool. Besides this, VanceAI offers an online based PDF processing tool that is fully free of cost. Click on to access it.

Free Alternative to VanceAI

If you want a free alternative to VanceAI Photo Restorer, you can use to restore old photos for free. However, compared to the original VanceAI tool, you won’t be able to benefit from the additional features such as faster servers, batch processing, and more.

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