8 Important Tips for Planning House Painting Projects or a Garage Door Restoration Denver CO

It’s time to make some home improvements. Specifically, you’d like to repaint the home’s exterior and do something about that aging garage door. In order to make sure the painting project and the garage door restoration Denver CO so smoothly, it pays to do some advance planning. Here are eight tips that will help with the process.

Decide That You Want a Professional to Do the Job

There may be some temptation to take on these tasks yourself. Even if you have some experience with house painting projects Denver CO, this may not be the best approach. Considering the amount of time involved, it may be difficult to get one or both projects completed in a timely manner. There’s also the fact that professionals know how to manage these types of home improvements without wasting much in the way of resources.

Don’t overlook the fact that hiring professionals means you generally have guarantees that go with the work. In the rare instance that an issue develops later, the professional will be happy to return and correct the problem.

Select the Colors That Work Best

Colors will play a role with both types of projects. In the case of house painting projects Denver CO, the ideal primary and secondary color choices ensures that you like the look of the place for years. Since you hope that the paint job lasts for a long time, it pays to go with colors that tend to remain popular rather than focus on trendy hues.

Even with the restoration of the garage door, you want to consider colors closely. Ideally, the door color should work well with the colors you’ve chosen for the home exterior. You may even want to pick up the color used for the house trim and carry it over to the exterior garage trim as well as the door. The result will be a look that’s more harmonious and unified.

Identify Additional Elements to Consider

You have your color scheme and there’s an idea of what it will take to repair the garage door. Now’s the time to think about what other elements need some attention. One of them happens to be the type of finish you want for the paint.

You can bet that professional residential painters Denver CO can help you explore every type of finish from flat paint to something that has a little or a lot of gloss. Paint samples will provide an idea of which finish would work best with your exteriors. The same is true for the paint that you want to use for the garage door.

What About Enhancements?

While you’re at it, do take the time to think about enhancements that improve function as well as appearance. In the case of the garage door restoration Denver CO, it may be time to either add an automatic opener or replace the current one. With either choice, you have the ability to invest in something that makes your life a little easier. Along with the convenience, you also can use an opener to boost the security around the property. Think of what that means in terms of having a garage door that opens and closes without delays when you come home late at night.

Reviewing the Quotes

Once you have a definite plan of what to include, it’s time to collect quotes. Once you have them in hand, spend the time to review them closely. It’s not just about looking at the total cost involved; you also want to confirm that those quotes include all the expenses that you and the contractors discussed.

If you see that something is not mentioned in the quote, have another talk with the contractor and ask for an updated quote. This is true even if there is a verbal agreement to include that missing element. A detailed quote that accounts for everything is in the best interests of everyone involved.

Confirming the Start Dates

After all the details about the quotes are settled and you accept the price, the next step has to do with when the work will commence. There should be a specific order to completing both home improvement projects. Doing so will make the process easier for you and for those who will do the work.

In this instance, it makes sense to have the garage door repairs completed first. If that includes installing a new door opener, make sure that’s completed too. The rationale is that all repairs should be out of the way before the sanding, scraping, application of the primer, and finally the painting starts.

You can coordinate with both contractors and ensure the dates are arranged with a few days in between. This provides a buffer that you can draw on if the first project is delayed by inclement weather or some other complication. Even if it does take a little longer to finish with the door repair, things will still be ready for the painting to get underway.

Clearing Space for the Crews to Work

Both the garage door repair and the residential painting services Denver CO will need space for their crews to set up equipment. While they won’t be there at the same time, it pays to make sure you arrange to provide as much space as possible. This will likely involve ceding the use of your driveway as well as part of the grounds.

Make arrangements to park your vehicles at the curb. If that’s not possible for some reason, ask the neighbors if they would allow you to make use of their driveways on the days when the crews are working. Along with providing more space for the crews, this also means you can come and go whenever the need arises.

Finding Something for the Kids and Pets to Do

On the days when either crew is present, it’s a good idea to ensure the kids and any pets have something to keep them occupied. They should not be allowed in the areas where the crews are working. While it’s fine for the kids to look out the windows and watch, that’s as close as they need to get.

If necessary, arrange play dates for the kids that have them away from the property. The same is true if the family pet normally spends more time in the back yard than inside. Should you choose to keep the kids and pets at home, make sure there’s plenty for them to do indoors. From games to learning activities to things they can watch on television or online, give them plenty to do.

The kids can help out by spending time with the pets. It’s a given that the family dog would enjoy the attention, whether it’s a matter of playing a game or just being petted more.

Do keep plenty of tasty things to eat on hand that day. Nutritious snacks for the kids and something extra for the pet will help to keep everyone from getting too bored and wanting to step outside while the crew is working.

Remember that the goal of these types of home improvement projects is to make the home more attractive, functional, and ultimately comfortable. Choose the right professionals and make plans with the contractors. All that care and communication on the front end will result in a lot of satisfaction once the projects are completed.

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