“I Don’t Shop on Amazon” — What Sellers Can Learn from Amazon’s Non-Customers

The majority of the world is still prioritizing online shopping over in-store shopping. Talking about online stores, Amazon is still trending and beats Google when it comes to the best search engine for buyers. Amazon is consumers’ choice for the best search engine for them to find their desired products. Get detailed information about the best practices to carry out in order to avoid getting scammed on eCommerce stores, on this website: https://acra-online.com

Thinking with the seller’s mind, there is still a wide range of buyers. These buyers are 90% crowd from all around the world. There is still a chance for an entrepreneur seller to sell their product on amazon and grab a wide range of buyers.

The rest 10% of the crowd do not shop online or are not the audience as a shopper on Amazon. This article will discuss that 10% of the crowd who are not buying or selling online either from amazon or some other competitor platforms.

A seller at amazon can learn a lot from a non-seller audience. These non-sellers are using some backlinking and marketing strategies to exhibit their products. And earn from them. Olifant Digital is helpful for such types of marketing techniques as well as preparing your marketing strategic plans.

What is The Catch for a Non-Seller of Amazon?

Lowest Price Shoppers with Quality

While shopping, price is the top noticing factor. Non-Amazoners prefer the lowest price with the best quality. They prioritize price, then the quality. But, that does not mean non-Amazoners are looking for cheap products, they are looking for quality products within the range.

Some non-Amazon buyers or sellers prioritize rating and reviews as well. They go through the review section first for self-satisfaction. Also concluding that they do not buy old stuff, but the new trending one in half price as Amazon’s. The quality of the product matters more to these non-Amazon shoppers.

Impressive Features

Sometimes it happens that the description material, like how the features of the products are described, does matter more than the product’s quality or the reviews. Non-amazon sellers include fancy and impressive info to grab the target. For 35% of buyers, it is a key for decision-making in the buying process.

It is a play of Keywords. Amazon’s keywords research game is so strong that it runs a Per-Pay-Click (PPC) campaign to grab the attention at the targeted level. These campaigns, display ads, and other sponsored ads have the strong resource of keyword marketing. These keywords garnish your product just like the tantalizing dish at the table.

Handing the Product as Fast as Possible

People do buy stuff at the very last moment. Buyers of about 13% say that they count the delivery time and it is a reason for them to buy something from an unknown resource or any other resource.

When they compare the delivery period from others, they prioritize the time mostly instead of the product charge, quality, quantity, or any other specific reason. In a world where 13% of buyers exist, the rest say that it is the lamest reason for a buyer to buy a product from anywhere.

Why Not Amazon as a Seller?

Amazon Requirements

Being a part of Amazon is not difficult as a seller. But, they require some documents from you if you want to sell your product there. These required documents are the topmost reason from a Non-seller on Amazon.

Prime Account at Amazon

Also, the general reason for some non-Amazon sellers is their prime accounts. They do not own a prime account as they do not own a shop at Amazon. It is a complete stuck cycle due to a lack of awareness.

Unknown About Such Platforms

As for others, some Non-Amazon sellers are still unaware of such a platform and working manually with a team, and having a good period with lots of ups and downs. These sellers are unaware about the stunning features to ease their life as a seller.

Quality Assurance by In-Store Shopping

In this trending and steady world, some people still do not believe in the online shopping system, as they had the worst online experience or they never borrowed anything online before.

They believe that the quality is only checked when the product is within their hand. Not saying that it is a bad or degraded psyche, but a simple self-surety check. These consumers prefer in-shop marketing instead of an online one.

Wide Range

As a walk-in customer, I would prefer a wide range to select with instead of two or three comparisons. It is similar for Online and in-store sellers. The wide range attracts more buyers.

Some Buyers say that for a wide range of shops,

“Probably will think twice and not be as impulsive.”

What A Non-Amazon Seller Search As

In a world full of brand-conscious bodies some individuals do not search for products by their brands. Some brand-conscious people also search for alternate brands at Amazon.

Some buyers concluded that they only visit the brand when they have some promotion deals or some affordable product. Well, this was the honest conclusion among all. Mostly with the brand title clothes, pet care, groceries, home appliances, health and beauty products, toys, gardens, art and craft, and office appliances are shopped online by the majority of buyers.

As for unknown brands with no such audience, it is really easy to gain quality assurance from the buyers.


After the survey, we also found some responses with no such specific reason, but they just do not want to buy online. But the majority is keeping themselves safe from the suffocating crowd and hectic in-stores. They are trying their best to keep themselves safe from going outside.

Most people prefer the safety and the ease of online shopping. The ease of not leaving the home and the safety from the unwanted crowd. Some introverts found online shopping exciting to stay away from the crowd or public places.

Some Loyal online shoppers quoted for future shopping

“I will not be so frivolous with purchases in the future.”

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