What Are The Benefits Of Dry Ice Blasting Over Sandblasting?

One can use the blasting device in various industrial applications, including ship design. Its primary use is to wipe down and prepare ship hulls for painters, and the auto sector, where one can use it to wash gearboxes, connecting rods, mechanical components, aerospace, and the elastomeric industry. Get detailed information about the safety measures to take to stay healthy, on this website: www.bebegogo.com

It is used to tidy and prepare steel surface areas, wash and prepare profiles for painters, clean molds, and structurally remove limescale.

Nowadays, people widely utilize dry ice blasting and sandblasting methods for managing and maintaining equipment and machinery.

The individual circumstances, such as

  • the form and shape of the particles,
  • the extent of the damages,
  • elimination of the depth of the coating,
  • and the caliber of the base being produced

These influence the selection of chemical treatment methods. Among the most popular foundation preparation techniques is sandblasting. Ice blasting is a much more effective and environmentally friendly option.

What is Sandblasting?

A piece of motor-driven equipment, typically an air generator and a sandblasting device, are used in the surface-treatment process known as “sandblasting” (sometimes known as “abrasive blasting”). Sand particles strike the ground and produce a more refined, very even appearance. The final step in base preparation is the formation of a cohesive, spotless, and moderately rough ground.

What are the features of Sandblasting?

  • This method is an effective way to clean and get rid of tough coatings like paint, worn-out machinery, or discolorations on hardened concrete.
  • However, this blasting method might impact the vehicle’s exterior because the substance is so harsh. The external surface of your device will become worn if the abrasive solution is utilized for a prolonged period.
  • This technique is perfect for extracting oil from concrete floors or complex paint finishes.
  • Therefore, you must ensure that the vehicle’s exterior is not harmed due to utilizing this procedure. If not, this won’t be the best option for you.

What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry ice cleaning is a cutting-edge, environmentally friendly, and non-abrasive cleaning agent technique. It uses three fundamental elements in the cleaning procedure: kinetic, thermal stresses, and dissolution. The process produces no additional waste, unlike other methods such as sandblasting. It implies that dry ice is efficient, kind to the cleaned object, and sustainable.

What are its features?

  • This approach uses dry ice, less harsh and non-abrasive, in place of minor abrasives like grit or soda.
  • When using this dried ice blasting method, contamination such as dirt, corrosion, and other impurities are mixed and eliminated due to interaction with the target surface at very low degrees and expansions following sublimation. CO2 dry ice quickly dissolves after use, leaving nothing behind.
  • The metal’s dry ice contact area is unaffected by the dry ice method, as was already explained. An additional advantage would be that dry ice does not carry behind any extraneous particles or liquid.
  • The critical distinction is that a dry ice cleaning machine prevents device wear.

Advantages over Sandblasting

  • The exterior of the treated parts is harmed by blasting with sand or even other harsh materials (glasses or plastic granules), which reduces their lifespan.
  • Pellets of dry ice are non-abrasive and very kind to the cleaned area.
  • The production system can be adversely impacted by any explosive material that is not eliminated. This hazard is destroyed by the fast evaporation of dry ice pellets during the purification process.
  • Blasting remnants need particular disposal and are frequently expensive to remediate.
  • No additional waste is produced during dry ice cleaning because the dry ice instantly sublimates.


Sandblasting will be an option for you to consider if you require a machine that consumes a great deal of power and doesn’t mind putting up and cleaning up after cleansing. And the CO2 dry ice cleaning approach is ideal for you if you want a straightforward method, don’t need to alter it too much, and save even more resources and time.

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