A Complete Guide To Traveling To Disney World On A Budget

People love traveling to Florida. The reason? It’s home to Disney World! People are dying to know, though, how to come here without spending so much money. The tickets can be expensive, and the prices are going up. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Get detailed information about the most affordable traveling services provider companies and how to book your trip, on this website: mvfastferry 

Stick with us as we show you all the tips you need for saving on Walt Disney World Tickets.

Stay Longer And Save More

Disney World has a variety of parks, and if you think you can see everything in one day, it simply won’t happen. In all honesty, it is recommended that you stay at least eight to ten days. If you can’t stay that long, it is advised that you stay at least four days so you can see a park each day. One tip here is to remember that the discounts on tickets are higher the longer you stay. For instance, an eight-day ticket usually results in hundreds of dollars in savings.

Another reason families should take advantage of staying longer is because each park is unique and offers its spin. There are also long waits for the rides, shows, and character greets. Because of this, it is implausible that you will get to see everything you want in the time allotted to you. Having an extra day will help with that.

Are You Park Hopping?

The next step is determining whether or not you are hopping. Hopping is when you go from park to park throughout the day. While this is a great option, there is one that can save you a little time and effort. If you want to avoid wasting time, you don’t have to go between the parks; stick with one park per day. You can save much more money this way and still get to see all the parks. You just have to do it one at a time. On average, you save about twenty dollars per ticket using this method, and that savings only grows the longer you stay.

If you want to experience the water park, you can take advantage of the water park and sports option. That gives guests access to one outdoor activity for each day of their ticket admission. For example, if you had a ticket for eight days, you could pick one outdoor activity during each of those days. These activities include the following.

  • Blizzard Beach
  • ESPN Wide World Of Sports
  • Fantasia Gardens Golf Course
  • Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course
  • Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course
  • Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

As you can see from these options, you have something for parents, little ones, or both. In particular, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach have fantastic areas for families. Keep in mind that you can do a different attraction each day or the same one repeatedly. You also have the option of seeing some attractions up to three times a day. However, there are restrictions in this area, so you will need to ensure that you are not breaking any rules.

Another tip here is to think about utilizing the Park Hopper Plus option. As we mentioned above, the park hopper option is not the best way to save money. However, if you think of seeing Disney’s extra attractions, that changes the game. You might find that the day you want to golf, it’s raining, or the water park has rides shut down.

Having the option to hop between parks on those days would be worth the money because you’re not wasting the chance to see things. In addition to this, the lines can be longer in these areas. While this will not be a cheap option, it can save you frustration. Learn more about Guide To Traveling To Disney World On A Budget at www.cvslocations.net

Head To Your Nearest Military Base For Walt Disney World Tickets

Did you know that Disney supports our troops? They do indeed, and they offer special discounts for soldiers and their families because of that. Your service member needs to go to the ITT office on base and ask for Disney World tickets to get this discount. Keep in mind that the service member has to be one of the people going, and they will need to show their military identification card at the gate. Another rule that you should know is that you are only allowed six tickets per service member.

Getting your tickets here is a fantastic option because you save hundreds of dollars, and the staff is knowledgeable about the park. They can give you maps and brochures and tell you about the additional add-ons that you can purchase if you would like to do so.

Use An Affiliate To Get Walt Disney World Tickets

When you want to get cheaper Walt Disney World Tickets, you can also use an affiliate to get them. An affiliate has been given consent to sell tickets by Disney themselves. These options can save you over twenty dollars to fifty dollars per person! The best part is that you know you are getting authentic tickets and not being taken advantage of. Many fake options have appeared with the rise of theme park goers wanting discounts. That is why you need to ensure that you have found a legitimate affiliate immediately.

AAA Can Get You There

AAA is another authorized seller of Walt Disney World Tickets. You only get this option at various times throughout the year. The best thing to do is talk to an affiliate and gain some insight on when this occurs. When you know for sure, get online or visit your local AAA as soon as you can. The tickets sell out incredibly quickly, and once they are gone, they won’t appear again until the next time they are available. This option is also considered a hit or miss as the tickets offer you a slight discount, but people wonder if it is worth the hassle.

Check A Superstore For Walt Disney World Tickets

Sam’s Club and Costco both offer Disney World Tickets. There are rules to buying tickets here, and they must be followed. If you purchase tickets at either store, you need to purchase a vacation package. That means the hotel as well as the tickets. To enjoy this discount, head to your store and go to their travel section. It will be located next to the gift cards. Tell them what tickets you would like and have specific dates. The process is simple, and the staff are friendly and can answer any additional questions you need.

Don’t Fall For Counterfeit Schemes

Because Walt Disney World Tickets are in such high demand, you will see that many want to cash in on the action and sell fake tickets. Avoid billboards and ticket booths that offer cheap tickets to the parks in Florida. It is too good, to be honest, and many people who go to the booths get robbed. Unfortunately, buying online isn’t the safest option either. There are many places on the digital side of things that want to take advantage of you. Look out for scams like the following to be safer.

  • Craigslist is a popular selling site, but it does fraudulent things daily. Fake tickets, dangerous situations, and frustration are the only things that wait for you here.
  • Cash-only deals need to make your feet go in the opposite direction. Authorized sellers will have a secure site and various payment options. In addition to this, they will not ask to meet you in a parking lot or other area where there won’t be people.
  • Another tip you need to keep in mind is not to fall for the Disney name. If someone has a site that says Disney or some variation of Disney World, it’s a scam. They have no authorized sellers and cannot legally sell you tickets. You will notice that legitimate affiliates don’t have Disney anywhere in their name.
  • You should also never meet in an area that doesn’t feel safe. Face-to-face meetings for tickets are fake. No authorized seller will meet in a parking garage, airport, gas station, mall, or anywhere else of that nature. If the ticket seller is authentic, they will give you a voucher or an e-ticket. The seller will also give you a confirmation code.

When you are buying Walt Disney World Tickets, trust your gut. If a deal seems to be the opportunity of a lifetime, it probably is. But for the scammer. Avoiding situations like this will ensure that you don’t lose your money and still have the vacation you have always dreamed of.

Saving Is Easy- You Just Have to Know How

Saving on Walt Disney World Tickets is easy once you have our list of hints. You know what to turn away from and how to get tickets safely. By planning and knowing which ticket is the best for you, you will ensure that you have the best vacation possible. Just remember to be innovative and safe. You’ll be glad you did when you are at the park having the time of your life.

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