A Beginner’s Guide to Surf Gear

Like every other sport, surfing too requires a set of gears and accessories that would ensure a smooth experience. We have curated a list of the 4 most important gears that you must definitely have to begin with surfing.

1. Surfboard

However obvious as it may sound, having the right surfboard is imperative to a smooth surfing experience. While choosing a surfboard you have to understand the fact that there are no right or wrong surfboards. The board you feel most comfortable with is the best choice for you.

Having said that, let us quickly see some parameters for selecting the most comfortable surfboard for you. Volume and rocker are two major characteristics that you should keep in mind while selecting your surfboard.

If you are a beginner, always go for a more flat board so that you can balance yourself easily on it while surfing. As for the rocker, choose the one that has low rockers. High rockers and narrow surfboards are ideal for more professional surfers who have already mastered the art of playing with rough waves.

2. Wetsuit

Now that our main equipment is sorted, let us discuss the costume. Wetsuits are considered to be important gears while surfing as they keep you free from distractions. They are thermal garments that stop the cold water of the sea from making you feel cold and uncomfortable.

These special wetsuits are made up of foamed neoprene and provide thermal insulation and protection from ultraviolet exposure and stings from marine creatures. As you surf, the waves may get very high leading to the water crashing against your skin.

With a wetsuit on, you can protect your skin from getting hurt by the harsh waves. While choosing the wetsuit, be very particular about the quality and fit. Both a too tight and too loose wetsuit can land you a mess. Therefore, if possible, try your wetsuit for a perfect fit. Visit https://ombe.co/the-ultimate-list-of-beginner-to-intermediate-surfing-tips-tricks-and-techniques/ for a more detailed information on the same.

3. Leash

However uncool some people may deem it to be, a leash is a mandatory accessory that you must have for surfing. It is a safety gear that prevents runaway surfboards and colliding with fellow surfers.

It is a urethane cord that is attached to the deck of a surfboard near its tail. It fastens you tightly to the surfboard, preventing you from being swept away by strong waves. The length of your leash rope will depend mostly on the size of your board and your level of expertise in the sport.

It should be usually of the same size as the surfboard. However, if you are a beginner you can go for a longer one. Besides choosing the correct size, it is also important that you put the leash correctly.

It should always be worn around the ankle of a surfer’s back foot or leg closest to the tail of the surfboard. If you tie it to the farther leg, your legs can get entangled in it and you may fall!

4. Surf Earplugs

It is another safety gear that you definitely wear while surfing. The surf earplugs are a special kind of earplugs that are designed to safeguard your ears from getting injured from the harsh waves. As you are surfing on high waves, there is a chance of cold water gushing into your ear canal.

If left unchecked, this constant exposure to cold water can cause the medical condition, ‘Surfer’s Ear’. It causes bony growth to develop within the ear and can lead to hearing loss. You should especially wear them while surfing in cold water.

When choosing a surf earplug, it is important to consult an expert who can guide you about the quality and size that would fit you the best.

Is that All?

No, it is not. This list is mainly for beginners and mentions only the most important gears that you must necessarily have. There is a plethora of other gears and equipment that expert surfers use like changing mat, water boots, traction pads etc.

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