Tips for Maintaining a Perfect Windows

Now, each computer/laptop system is connected with internet, and the internet is the hub of every good and bad things, viruses and software which are harmful for your computer.

Many people say that the only option for running a healthy system is to keep it away form internet, and there is no other way. Of course, having such windows seven where you can only play offline games, and write some documents, will run longer than those windows which are constantly connected with the internet.

Many people after ruining their windows, think of updating their windows, there are multiple vpn available for updating your windows. For instance, recently I stumbled upon this website, where they were providing this service vpn free download for windows 7.

If you want to run your windows safely, you need to work meticulously. Do not say yes to random unnecessary applications which often pop up while you are surfing on the internet. In this article, we will discuss some tips, which can help you in running your window safe for a longer period. All these tips are quite simple to follow. A few of them include some good applications and software which can help you in cleaning up your system.

One thing is for sure, that regardless of how safe you are surfing and how many anti-viruses you have installed in your laptop, still there is a limited time period for your windows.

1. Update the antiviruses

If you have downloaded some anti viruses or have got some pre-installed in your system. Then make sure that you are keeping it updated, your anti-viruses are continuously scanning your system.

So, they know that when your system requires an updated version. Whenever, there is a notification for updating your anti-virus, immediately take notes and read the messages which are automatically being conveyed by the software company.

Updating anti-virus, can take time, so if you cannot afford it to update during the daytime, then set the updating time for night.

Auto updates are the ultimate safe option, many times we forget to update even though are computers and laptops are screaming for the cause. So, in such cases you must opt for auto updates.

2. Cleaning up temporary files

If your laptop or computer is getting hanged, and stuck while you are doing some crucially important tasks. Then check on the temporary internet files, they get clogged up in your C drives.

Even though you can get new space, which is quite cheap but these files including the cache are unnecessary so you must clean it up, as early as possible otherwise there can be some issue of system not functioning smoothly.

If you are a lazy lad, then turn it to auto clear, when the browsers will automatically clear the data, which is of no use at all.

3. Cleaning the registry

Improper shutdowns, viruses and many other activities can dismay and hobble the registry of your computer. Try some tools for clearing it up, as soon as possible.

This may be called as scanning of your drives, so that you may come to know what is wrong happening in your system.

4. Surf safe

You must not watch and click things, which will be automatically downloaded to your computer. Not every computer is capable of having them.

Si be very careful while surfing, even if you hand over your computer to your kids, make sure that thy are not getting in any such activity.

5. Clean the hardware

Yeah, you heard me right, your hardware includes the running disk, which you hear while working, if you are not taking good care of your computer or laptop then tons of mud and smoke can slow down the revolution of your system.

Moreover, safe handling is essential because many times, people break especial keys, and ultimately it is a toll on your system.

6. Know your system

You must try to learn your system, if you are having windows xp, then you can not use the tools for windows 7, learning about your windows and preinstalled applications in it is quite important for running a safe and reliable system, many people, unfortunately, do not realize this responsibility.

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