Feeling lost? Here Are 5 Holiday Ideas To Help You Feel Empowered Again!

Life sure has it’s ups and downs. Even for the most driven women who have their stuff together, there are times in life where we all feel a little bit off track. Whether it’s because we’re dealing with some tough things such as caring for sick parents or battling through work stresses, we could all use a little break sometimes to press the re-set button.

Of course, a nice relaxing holiday where you don’t have to think about anything other than which cocktail to order by the pool may do the trick for some, but to really feel empowered and back on track, sometimes we need a little more. So if this sounds like you, here are five holiday ideas that could help you feel strong and in charge once again.

Climb a mountain

Nothing makes you feel stronger than conquering a big challenge. But you don’t have to be a super-skilled technical mountaineer to get the benefits of taking on a big mountain. There are plenty of mountains across the globe to choose from but if you have the time and funds, try something like Kilimanjaro. Whilst it does require a certain level of fitness and determination, it is not a technical climb which means that it’s accessible to most people.

One of the best things of taking on a challenge like Kilimanjaro is that you are cut off from the rest of the world for a few days. No phones, no social media, just one big challenge. Although you may well be exhausted at the end of it, you will feel empowered, strong and ready for more!

Surf Camp

Learning a new skill can make us feel surprisingly good about ourselves. Mastering something new makes us feel strong and in control. And of course, the beauty of surfing is that you get to enjoy the  fresh ocean water and wonderful sunshine too.

If you’re on a budget or don’t have much time, try a Women’s Surf Camps in Australia. Or, if you want to go a bit further afield, there are plenty of surf camps in places like Bali, Fiji and even Japan.


You don’t have to go away for a year on your own to feel the benefits of backpacking. Of course, if you have the resources and the time to do that, you won’t regret it. But even if you only have two weeks, heading off on your own to explore a new country is a great option.

Like everything else on this list, backpacking pushes you out of your comfort zone. You have to make new friends, figure stuff out for yourself and try new things. And whilst it’s not a big physical challenge, it does force you to fend for yourself which can have a huge impact on your sense of self-worth.

Kayaking Trip

Whether it’s in New Zealand, Chile, Australia, Scotland or anywhere else in the world, kayaking is another great way to enjoy the wonderful outdoors whilst mastering a new skill. If you book onto an organised tour, you will meet a group of likeminded people and enjoy the challenge of long distance kayaking without having to worry about all the logistics such as food and shelter.

Cycle Tour

Much like the kayaking, surfing and mountain climbing options on this list, the physical challenge of a cycle tour can give you a huge confidence boost. Whether it’s three days cycling through NSW or three weeks cycling through mountain ranges in France, taking on a physical and mental challenge like this can make you feel accomplished and in control.


Conquering a challenge has the ability to transform lives. If you are up to it, taking on a massive mountain or a three week cycle trip in a foreign country is great, but don’t feel that you have to go big to get results. Even something like three days in a surf camp in Byron bay could help. It’s all about pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and proving to yourself that you are stronger than you ever thought you could be.

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