6 Top Features of Omatic Cloud

When you’re looking for data management software for your nonprofit, you want an option that offers extensive features, such as an integrated constituent portal. After all, software should make your job easier and campaigns more effective.

Fortunately, there’s an option that has it all: Omatic Cloud. This program allows you to keep all your data in one system. Additionally, it offers these six features for your convenience.

  1. Integration of Salesforce

Salesforce is a program used by many organizations to manage customer relationships. In the nonprofit world, this is especially important, as you need to maintain strong relationships with constituents to encourage giving.

The integration of Salesforce means you can keep our customer data alongside financial information and other factors. This consolidation allows you to cross-reference as you analyze data.

  1. Eliminate Duplicate Data in Your Database

Importing information into your database is a crucial process that you likely do on a regular basis. Unfortunately, with frequent updates, there’s a chance of data being duplicated, especially if multiple people are responsible for this task. This can cause significant damage, as your organization may allocate resources based on this incorrect information. Omatic Cloud eliminates this issue by checking for duplicate data during the importation process, ensuring your limited resources are used to the highest efficiency.

  1. Keep All Apps Updated With Bidirectional Flow

Another pitfall of multiple systems is having outdated information outside of the main database. This can affect how teams work, as different departments may rely on different software. If everyone is looking at divergent numbers, how can they be on the same page?

Fortunately, Omatic Cloud ensures that all parties have the most updated information with bidirectional flow. When something is updated in the main database, it’s also changed in the connected software. The opposite is also true, allowing anyone to communicate changes quickly and effectively.

  1. Navigate Easily With the Highly Accessible User Interface

Omatic Cloud’s user interface is incredibly easy to use, making it a favorite for nonprofit organizations. There’s no fighting with the controls or spending hours looking for the right function — everything is laid out in an intuitive dashboard for your convenience. The thoughtful design means this program is easy to use even if you’re new to data management software.

  1. Get Rid of Data Blind Spots

Being able to use all your data during analysis is crucial to your organization’s success, as it eliminates data blind spots. These are key data points that you don’t know — to the extent that you’re not even aware they’re important. The good news is, compiling your information into one database reduces the associated risks.

  1. Automate Importation

How often do you use Raiser’s Edge import new constituents? What if you didn’t have to spend the time and energy to do it manually?

Omatic Cloud offers automatic importation, which means information is uploaded as soon as it’s available and without you lifting a finger. Now you can spend more time on nurturing customer relationships.

The Omatic Cloud software is compatible with many other programs, including Financial Edge NXT integration. With this program in your organization’s repertoire, you can work more quickly and efficiently.

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