7 Online Platforms That Integrate Seamlessly With Omatic Cloud

Many not-for-profit organizations implement more than one software platform for the purposes of donor relationship management, outreach and fundraising. Integrating data across platforms is crucial for populatinleading online fundraising platformsg donor records with accurate contact, engagement and giving data. Omatic Cloud is purpose-built nonprofit cloud integration software capable of seamlessly integrating the leading online fundraising platforms. Find out more about how this versatile cloud integration solution for nonprofits works with seven of the most popular online platforms used by not-for-profit groups.

Using Omatic Cloud to Integrate Salesforce NPSP Data

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is one of the most popular platforms integrated with Omatic Cloud. This version of the leading customer relationship management platform is designed for use by not-for-profit organizations funded by donations. Omatic Cloud originated in the same sector, and ensures that donor and operational information are accessible in Salesforce NPSP and other financial or operational software.

For ease of implementation, groups should implement nonprofit data integration solutions that meet the standards for tax-exempt organizations. This is particularly the case if an organization is using Salesforce NPSP alongside Blackbaud financial or relationship management software or other proprietary software platforms.

In addition to Salesforce NPSP and The Raiser’s Edge NXT, Omatic Cloud also supports integration with other Blackbaud platforms such as Financial Edge and Luminate Online. This integration solution is also compatible with Classy, DonorDrive, Salsa and other online fundraising platforms. Omatic Cloud can seamlessly integrate these seven platforms and other nonprofit software.

Omatic Cloud makes it easier to access the donor data you need. It is also possible to use this platform to integrate other types of fundraising and organizational records. Omatic stands out on account of its support for automation and cloud-based accessibility. Staff and volunteers can easily gather and share data and be prepared to use the most effective tool for every task in a nonprofit workflow. Learn more about Online Platforms that Integrate Seamlessly with Omatic Cloud at www.blogfireapp.com

How to Integrate Your Nonprofit Accouting Software with Omatic Cloud

Organizations may use one or more accounting software platforms to process donations and track operational expenses. As is the case with donor relationship management platforms, organizations may also benefit from accounting software made to meet the unique needs of groups that operate on a not-for-profit basis.

Omatic Cloud supports Financial Edge software by Blackbaud with MailOmatic for Accounting. This automated billing tool is helpful for integrating nonprofit financial records by allowing stakeholders to send digital invoices, purchase orders or electronic funds transfer notifications via email from within Financial Edge. This paperless process increases flexibility of use and the functionality of the leading nonprofit accounting software. More tools are available for integrating accounting data on other platforms.

Omatic Cloud allows for seamless integration of donor data across the leading relationship management and fundraising platforms. From Salesforce, Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge to online platforms such as Classy, DonorDrive, Luminate Online and Salsa, an organization can ensure that complete and current donor records are accessible across platforms. Find out how any organization can benefit from the capabilities of this stat integration solution for improving the cross-platform accuracy, availability and completeness of any donor database.

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