7 Must-Have Apps for iOS Users

Every day each of us faces hundreds of challenges. Mobile apps make it easier to cope with daily tasks at work and solve problems in personal life. Do you find it difficult to manage time effectively? Download a calendar online that will remind you of all the important meetings and help you to have everything under control. Thanks to iOs app development, you can use apps for navigation, time management, planning, making payments, etc. Have you just got an iOS gadget and have no idea what apps to download? Check the list of the most useful applications for iOS users that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.


Apple has developed an electronic notebook where you can make notes, add pics, music, write about events that are important for you. There is a possibility to export data in PDF. DayOne is a free app but there are also premium paid features. You can use it as a reminder not to forget about an upcoming meeting or some other important event.


It’s difficult to imagine modern life without the possibility to exchange quick messages with friends and colleagues. Telegram provides an opportunity to stay in touch round-the-clock sharing pics, videos, text messages. This app can be used for communication with hundreds of people in chats. Also, you can follow bloggers and channels you like. The interface is very user-friendly. You won’t face any problems when using this app.


It’s a so-called store for the content you find useful. You can store guidelines, instructions, recipes, videos, news, and any other piece of information here. One of the great features is the possibility to get access to all your web content without the use of an Internet connection. The app is free but there are premium functions you can use for an additional fee.


It is a great app for those who like reading books. The download takes minutes. It is easy to navigate through the library you have created. You won’t spoil your eyesight if you use ShortBook app. Have you read the book and want to store some quotes? Do this easily. You can use a special regimen to read at night. Paying a relatively cheap price, you get a great opportunity to enjoy reading wherever you are and whenever you feel like reading.

Google Maps

Having downloaded this app, you can be sure that you will find your way wherever you are. There are GPS navigation and information about buses and other transport means. Don’t you know where to go in a strange city? Use Google Maps and find out where there are cafes, shops, and must-see places.


Are you too busy to watch the news? Use Feedly and be aware of everything that is going on in the world. The app makes it possible to monitor all the news channels and get the necessary information. You can create your own news channel. How to search for the information you need? It is as easy as ABC. You can search for it using keywords. The app is very user-friendly. It allows to divide sources of information into categories and systematize them. Have you found some interesting information you don’t want to lose? Store it using Feedly.


It’s one of the must-have apps as it simplifies the process of the download. You can download up to 50 files at a time. Exchange media content on your iPhone and iPad. Do you like listening to music? It is easy to create playlists with your favorite music.

Most of the apps are free. Some have premium options you can add to your app for maximum efficiency. Choose apps depending on your personal needs and preferences and download them from App Store. iOS devices open many new opportunities in front of their users. Use apps for learning, planning, processing photos, and videos, dealing with tasks at work, and just for fun.

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