What to Look for in a Good Boom Lift

The right boom lift is one that’s reliable, dependable and fully functional. The last thing you want is to have to postpone your tasks because a particular aspect of the equipment isn’t functioning correctly. With the right boom lift, you’ll be able to complete your aerial projects safely and efficiently. Below is a list of some essential factors to look for in a good boom lift. Make sure you refer to this list whenever you’re looking for boom lift hire.

The Height of the Boom Lift

When you’re considering boom lift hire, you need to know how much the arm of the boom lift can extend. Remember, in most cases, the height of the boom lift will dictate how much you will be charged. You therefore have to know the kind of aerial work you’re going to do so that you don’t end up spending too much for no reason. If you require more arm-length, then go for a boom lift that has a great height, but if your work doesn’t involve too much height, choose a medium height boom lift instead.

The Load the Boom Lift Can Carry

Once you know the kind of job you’ll be doing with the boom lift, find out how much weight itcan carry. You’ll also need to know if you’ll be doing the job alone or whether you’ll require trained personnel. The answers to these questions will help you to determine the type of boom lift hire to go for. You should also ask for the capacity and the maximum weight it can carry before hiring a boom lift. If it meets your needs, you can then proceed.

The Terrain the Boom Lift is Designed to Work On

Different boom lifts are designed for different terrains. There are boom lifts that can work on rough terrains while others can only work indoors on smooth, uniform ground. Those that can work on rough terrains are mostly used on construction sites. They tend to be stronger and longer, and they can handle almost any task given to them. Gathering this information is very vital both for your safety and the functionality of the boom lift. You have to make sure that it suits the type of environment you’re planning to work on.

Is the Boom Lift Reliable?

After you’ve verified all the above factors, have a look at the boom lift’s manual and check the functionality of the equipment. You should also go through its specifications to make sure they suit your needs. This will give you a complete overview of other features that may tell you if the boom lift is what you need or if it lacks some essential features.

Choosing a boom lift that’s reliable and fully functional oftendepends on the type of work you’re planning to carry out. Every boom lift is specialised for particular functions. That’s why you must consider the factors mentioned above whenever you’re looking for boom lift hire. A good boom lift is one that can help you accomplish your tasks effectively without compromise.


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