Why Everyone Loves a Mini Face lift Washington DC Style

When it comes to a mini face lift Washington DC was one of the first places where I saw this advertised everywhere and it is a hugely popular treatment here in the city. Even in the likes of New York and L.A. I have not seen this become so popular and I can only assume that this is because here in DC those who wish to look good are in the later years of their lives, and perhaps that is what has made it so popular here. With this being said, it is clear that this is a procedure which carries with it many benefits and that is also why so many in their 40s and 50s here in DC are going in for the mini face lift, and here are the benefits which they can enjoy.

The Effects

During one of these mini facelifts the surgeon will take a very fine scalpel and make and incision right down the jaw bone, out of sight. they will then remove a very small amount of skin and tissue which has gathered there, which has created that dropping or sagging effect. The reason why so many enjoy this treatment is because it works so well and the success rate is enormously high. Now those in their 60s and above usually cannot have this version of the face lift because of the amount of skin which needs to be removed, those people must go for a full face lift.

Long Lasting

It may be called a mini face lift but the effects last for a very long time afterwards and it will take years before patients are able to see any kind of dropping of the jowls. The length of time which these effects last can be lengthened with the use of small botox injections, that will keep the sagging at bay for longer.

Speed of Recovery

In the world that we live in, patients want their procedures done quickly, they want to recover even quicker and very much get that instant impact. This is just what the min face lift is able to offer, with an operation of less than 2 hours and a recovery time of just under a week. Compared with the weeks long recovery of a full face lift it is clear why so many will opt for the mini version so that they can look younger, quicker, and get back to their daily lives.

Low Cost

When compared to a full blown face lift it is very clear that the mini version is significantly cheaper and can be purchased for $2,000 or less. The reason why it is low cost is because of the benefits which we ave mentioned above such as less time for the surgeon, less tools and a swifter operation all told.

This is a procedure which is becoming one of the most popular amongst 40 and 50 year olds around the country, and it is easy to see why.

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