Understanding Ski Magic Carpet Lift and its Types

There is a possibility that you don’t know much about magic carpet ski lift, if skiing is happening to you for the first time. However, you will certainly find them on almost all ski locations, the primary reason for installing them is ensuring safe experience for beginner skiers. The new skiers usually find it difficult to use the navigating lifts installed at the location, but learning to use them is important for safety, also you must know everything about skiing in case somebody asks you. Nevertheless, there are some demerits of carpet ski lift, so you need to know everything about it to keep yourself on safer side. Hence, this article is to guide you regarding what is ski magic carpet lift, what are its types and some underlying merits and demerits of it.

What is ski magic carpet lift?

Ski magic carpet lift is a conveyor belt, you step onto it and it takes you to the top of beginner slope. The conveyor is installed at the level of the snow, touching the icy slopes of ski location. It is made up of rubber that helps to make a strong grip. Basically, there are holes in the rubber platform of the conveyor, as soon as you step onto it your ski stick to it, the rubber holds your ski nicely and prevents you from falling backwards.

Before magic carpet lift was introduced, there existed a more common beginner lift known as ski tow. This style of lift was capable of providing relevant support to ski, you need to hold onto a rope made out of metal that would pull them up the slope. In addition, the significance of using ski magic carpet lift is more than ski tow, it will make your first skiing experience safer by preventing you from falling in any direction. The equipment is typically designed keeping in mind to support skiing beginners and how they can have safe experience on icy slopes.

1. Kids magic carpet

Skiing can be risky for small children, they usually find tough to maintain the balance. Thus, stepping on icy slopes for the first time isn’t that easy for them, and there is a high risk of falling and getting injured. There are certain ski locations that have kids ski magic carpet lift which is especially designed and dedicated for small children. This magic carpet is smaller in size unlike the carpet that is usually used for adult skiers, that way it is aimed to be for children use only. Moreover, the material from which it is made is gentle which protect kids from catching injury. Hence, to have safe skiing experience with children check for location installed with kid magic carpet lift.

2. Railed magic carpet ski lift

Railed magic carpet have walls like structure around it, basically it’s in tunnel shape, or have fence on both of your sides. This is for those who face difficulty to balance themselves and often fall while skiing. The rails on your side helps you to maintain balance, and saves you from falling sidewards and backwards. However, in many cases rails can be harmful as well, due to the type of material they are made. They might save you from falling down on ground, but if you hit the walls of rail then you might get an injury if you aren’t using protective equipment like helmets or pads. Thus, make sure you wear helmet to protect your head, and pads to protect body parts. This way you will keep yourself from catching serious injury from rails.

3. Tubing magic carpet

This is a tube-shaped magic carpet; it is similar to the swim tubes which is mostly used by beginner swimmers. Likewise, this type of tube is for skiing as well, for ones who are at beginner level and learning skiing. You ride onto this magic carpet by holding a rope, and you slide down the slopes simultaneously. The nature of tube is steeper, and many times it fails to offer relevant support. Thus, tube magic carpet lift is not highly recommended, it is inadequate to maintain body balance.

4. Hamster tunnel

This hamster tunnel carpet lift is most people’s favorite. Skiing enthusiasts who retain good knowledge about skiing, personally recommend to try hamster tunnel. The tunnel is hamster shaped, with two openings on either side of the mountain. This tunnel is effective enough to keep the skiers safe while travelling upwards to the top of the beginner’s slope. They have elements inside, that keeps you warm while riding up. Hence, this is the best magic carpet ski lift to try, it looks amazing like a hamster, plus it has special elements to protect you from cold and injury.

Pros and Cons of Magic Carpet Ski Lift

From a beginner’s point of view, ski lift has a lot of significance. As a beginner always look for something which makes him/her feel safe on the icy and slippery slopes. Having ski lift is taken as a plus, because they are well enough to provide support and maintain balance. So, once you step on the carpet, it isn’t easy to fall down, and even if you fall off then there is a shorter distance between you and the slope.

Taking note of limitation, there is one major limitation of carpets which is inadequate friction. The limited shallow gradient is surely a hindrance for building friction between the magic carpet surface and your ski. Another disadvantage of ski carpets is that it is challenging to maintain them from snow control. Possibly, on some days there is heavy snowfall, in that case the carpet gets covered with thick snow, and it is tough to clear it off. Hence, before using it every time after heavy snow fall, cleaning becomes a heavy and hectic task.


Skiing at a beginner level is not easy for anyone, and it’s a tricky at first. But you don’t need to worry, as most people at ski sights are beginner, and there are safety measures to ensure secure skiing experience Magic carpet is a type of conveyor belt that skiers can ride to the top of the beginner slope, and it is designed to prevent skiers from falling off. They’re easy to use and can make learning to ski a breeze. Although they have few downfalls as well, so make sure you stay mindful and take proper steps while using them, with rapt attention you can definitely minimize the risk of skiing.

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