What Are The Benefits Of Hiring An Uber Accident Attorney?

You may not appreciate the services of a St Louis Uber Accident Attorney until you get involved in incidences that lead to either psychological or physical injuries when riding an Uber from work. Well, while most drivers are keen and professional, not everyone is a saint on the road! Actually, it occurs that most discrimination and assault cases that happen between clients and Uber drivers either go unreported or unresolved.

Well, with the right Uber accident attorney at your disposal, none of the above is bound to happen. But quickly, what are some of the benefits that you’ll realize when you seek the services of Uber accident attorneys? Well, they include but not limited to, the following:

Legal advice

Uber accidents and drivers’ negligence cause damage at varying extents. For instance, the damage caused by discrimination may not be the same as that one caused by a collision accident.

Moreover, you can still get involved in a collision accident, but you are the one on the wrong. What an experienced Uber accident lawyer will do is evaluating the facts of the case and weighing them against the odds of scoring compensation. If there is a high possibility, then he will proceed to start the paperwork without wasting any time. Moreover, they can provide practical legal tips, such as obtaining medical evidence, a police report, checking any phone or closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage, consulting third-party expert advice, and sourcing possible witnesses to testify for you to get the maximum compensation you deserve. However, if the evaluation turns out otherwise, he will still advise you accordingly and brief you on passenger rights when riding an Uber.


Compensation claims are not average cases, especially when they move to court. Remember, insurance and third party lawyers will do anything within their reach to subdue the claim as they work in the interest of their clients. That way, you’ll need someone who can play hardball with insurance companies to see that you get a deserving compensation. Moreover, Uber accident lawyers are professionals who have been in the game for quite a while, and they’ll exploit any loophole legally to make sure that you win.

Contingency fee

Most compensation cases are run based on a contingency fee. In fact, in most jurisdictions, lawyers have caps on the percentage rates that they are supposed to charge. It, therefore, minimizes any chances of getting exploited. Now, the best thing is that you only get to pay after the case wins. So either way, you only risk losing time but not money.

Higher compensation

It takes a professional to assess the extent of damage and the true value of a claim that is proportionate to that damage. Well, lawyers have robust training in doing that.

The amount of compensation you’ll receive from an Uber accident claim can range from several thousand dollars up to a million. If you’re not at fault, you may receive coverage from liability insurance, depending on the Uber ride status and the damages.

Generally, the average settlement payout for an Uber accident is under USD$15,000 because most of these accidents don’t result in serious physical injuries. Moreover, a minor injury resulting from a small Uber accident often results in a settlement.

If you’re wondering how much compensation you can expect from an Uber accident and have other legal questions, you can ask a personal injury lawyer experienced in dealing with Uber accident cases. Your attorney can also help you establish strong evidence to receive higher compensation for the physical injuries and other damages you have sustained because of the accident. This makes it imperative to hire an attorney for your case—the more substantial proof you can present to prove your claim, the higher the amount of compensation you receive.


Finally, it wouldn’t be right if someone assaulted you sexually, and they get away scot-free simply because you couldn’t reconstruct the scene of crime or accident with legal backing. When proving liability, an Uber accident attorney will demonstrate everything accordingly, relying on pieces of evidence to make sure that you get justice in the end. Remember, meting punishment on the perpetrator may not be the only kind of justice that you need. What about the trauma? And what about the personal injuries? Well, him spending time in jail is a right call, but at least a reasonable attorney will ensure that you get justice in terms of compensation too.

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