Uber Car Accidents – Learn More About Damages You Can Recover

In most cities, rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have replaced conventional taxi services. Riders find it easier to have a mobile app and request a ride on a smartphone. Moreover, the pricing is often cheaper than a taxi. However, there can be hidden issues if you are ever involved in a car crash when you use rideshare from one point to another.

The Convenience of Rideshare Services

Companies like Uber grew out of the concept of a much varied sharing economy. Using rideshares, an individual must utilize a mobile app to travel in a vehicle that is owned, as well as operated by another individual. There is no direct currency exchange involved between the driver and the rider. Instead, the mobile app arranges a ride, accepts the rider’s payment, and compensates the driver.

Ridesharing is now a common concept worldwide. It reflects the local norms of traveling. In America, rideshare services use typical four-door vehicles. Contrarily, in countries like Vietnam, passengers opt to travel differently.

Individual Contractors

People who operate Uber vehicles do so as individual contractors. If an individual contractor injures you while working on behalf of a company, it may be hard to sue the rideshare driver.

There may be complications due to insurance liability and out of their denial. Employers are liable for their employees’ actions. However, employers do not share this responsibility for individual contractors. Uber simply provides drivers with a medium to connect with their riders. But, they say that they have limited liability as far as the driver’s action is concerned. Drivers use their personal equipment, which is the vehicle, make their hours, and operate on their own terms.

According to car accident attorney Stacy Kemp, Uber accidents can prove more challenging when it comes to injury claims than other types of accidents.

Some states have rules laid down for rideshare drivers. For instance, in Texas, drivers must carry their personal liability insurance when they operate the vehicle as independent contractors. Drivers should also carry their liability insurance along with additional coverage.

Recoverable Damages from Uber Car Accident

Although Uber drivers assume many economic risks, the passenger(s) in an Uber vehicle should know that they can claim compensation for their economic losses and injuries. If you are a passenger involved in a car accident, and the car is an Uber vehicle, you may be able to claim the following damages:

  • Hospital bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Income loss
  • Cost of medical treatment
  • Chiropractic or physiotherapy costs
  • Other costs for damages and injuries

In order to claim car accident damages, you must consult an experienced attorney. Only an attorney can guide you in the matter of an Uber accident and claims. There are many complications involved in these types of cases, which may not be possible for you to understand or infer by yourself.

When you visit a car accident attorney, make sure you discuss every minute detail. It is extremely important to discuss the accident clearly so that your stakes can be assessed and compensation can be claimed.


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