Things You Need To Know About Renting A Villa in Dubai

If you are considering living in a villa in Dubai, it’s a significant decision. Here’s a detailed view of what to expect and what you need to look into while renting a villa in this beautiful city as you might already know that Dubai is a land of luxury and most villas for rent in Dubai are truly luxurious in every sense. When we talk about the idea of luxury, it’s definitely at the lavish end. That is to say; you can easily spot properties with not just large space, but also private gardens, swimming pools and even a servants’ quarters. Whichever type of villa you choose to buy, the process remains the same and here’s a run-through of things to consider before looking for villas for rent in Dubai and get in touch with the Allsopp and Allsopp real estate brokers in Dubai to help you out.

Know the community: In Dubai, you will have a fantastic experience of living among a myriad of nationalities. So if you’re thinking about renting a place, then it’s vital to understand which community would be great for you. Once you find out this information, it will help you decide if the particular community will suit your standards.

Location is important: Whether you are employed or self-employed, your villa location has to be looked into with careful planning. Is the area an easy commute to your workplace? Even though the WFH is a current trend when things get back to normal, you will have to travel to the office regularly, and you don’t want to get caught on busy roads.

Transport links: Dubai is growing into a well-connected city with its increasing metro rail network. It will be advantageous to check if there’s a metro station walkable from the villa if you’re a person who prefers public transport. When in Dubai, you will experience a rush during peak hours, just like most developed countries in the world. So you may want to keep that option of metro available to you when you need it.

Nearby schools: Dubai city is famous for its excellent education system, offering a range of syllabi to choose from. International or Indian board, American schools, British or Arabic schools, the schools are worthy no matter which one you choose. So check if the school will be right for your children and if the school offers to pick up from your home.

Local amenities: Life in Dubai can be quite busy. The proximity of local shops, restaurants or takeaways, groceries are a blessing you will appreciate most. Although, you will notice that most communities are self-reliant with supermarkets with the convenience of even home delivery if they are located nearby. Besides the grocery, there’s also the convenience of a local saloon in most areas.

Parks are an essential part of the Dubai lifestyle. Families like to spend weekends at the lush gardens or picnic with barbeques in the colder season. Living close to such vital facilities can boost your mood for a happier state at all times.

What about malls in the area? Shopping malls are a crucial must-visit place in Dubai. That’s because malls in Dubai are sprawling with a beautiful array of brands plus have the cinemas for the movie buffs. The cineplex is where you can be to catch some latest flix and try out the massive food court for some exotic cuisine or your home-style food, again it’s your choice.

Additional costs and regulations: Dubai can offer you varied deals when it comes to rentals. Electricity is expensive and so is water. Some landlords provide free electricity, and that’s a great offer you can make use of. During summer you will need air conditioning 24 /7, and your electricity bills can get high. Except for the winter months that last for four months in a year, the climate is mostly hot, and that means you will use air conditioning for the entire household.

Before you move into the new rental villa, ensure the maintenance is up to the standards. Perhaps a fresh coat of paint, plumbing work or electrical points not in good order has to be checked and noted. Generally, it will be done by the landlord when you move in, and be aware that you will need to return the villa in the same tip-top condition it was when you moved in, at the time of vacating the house.

Although private pools and gardens are great amenities in a villa, it’s okay if you get an estimate of its maintenance before you choose a villa with such features. Just as any developed country, the cost of labour can be high.

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