When is the Best Time to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

If you have recently been involved in a truck accident, you probably are wondering what your next course of action should be. Truck accidents are more disastrous than car accidents, and victims usually suffer severe, traumatic injuries from the crash.

If you have suffered serious injuries from a truck accident, this can be bad news for your medical bills. However, due to their severity, truck accidents normally carry greater insurance than car accidents.

And, in most cases, you would be entitled to a compensation amount from the insurance company, which can be used to cover your medical bills or truck repair costs.

You need an experienced attorney who has handled several accident cases, from the most minor cases to the most complicated and more devastating cases.

In addition to this, s/he can also help you navigate the complicated legal process and ensure that all your damages are valued adequately.

If you are looking for an attorney to represent you, your best bet is to contact NJ truck accident attorney Adam Rosengard.

Whether or not you should hire a truck accident attorney to represent you depends on several factors. Here are the best times to hire an attorney to handle your truck accident case:

  • When you have sustained severe injuries

The severity of your injuries is one of the things that will determine the amount of compensation you are entitled to. If you have sustained severe injuries, whether, in the form of physical injury or vehicular damage, your insurance company will fight hard against your claim.

They will try to downplay your injuries because they have more money at stake. If the injuries you sustained are long-term or permanent, you need to hire an experienced attorney who will develop a plan to ensure that all your injuries are accounted for.

Your attorney, with the aid and counsel of expert witnesses, will be able to obtain medical reports which will help them prove that your injuries deserve a huge compensation amount.

  • When the insurance company offers you a settlement

Usually, insurance companies will offer a settlement shortly after you file your accident case. But most of the time, this settlement will not suffice to compensate for the damages you have sustained, your medical bills, and your lost wages.

Therefore, you must consult an attorney before agreeing to a settlement — especially because you lose your right to sue an insurance company or ask them for more compensation the moment you accept their settlement offer.

A good attorney will study your medical records to know the full extent of your injuries. After which, they will advise you on whether or not you should accept the settlement.

  • When multiple parties were involved in the accident

If you were in an accident that involved three or more parties (vehicles, pedestrians, property owners, etc.), this can complicate the insurance claims and make it more difficult to prove liability. When this happens, it can result in one or more complex lawsuits.

If ever you find yourself in this situation, the best thing for you to do is contact an attorney to discuss your accident case. The attorney you hire will fight to keep your liability to the bare minimum and ensure that you are treated fairly.

Now that you know the right time to hire a truck or car accident, to know the top reasons why you should work with a reputable car accident attorney, click here.

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