The next 2 weeks will be much more painful, the US President

US President Donald Trump warns the public that the Corona pandemic will be more painful in the next two weeks.

In a briefing at the White House, Trump said that Such deaths are incredible in the United States because of an unseen enemy.

The White House fears the death toll of two and a half lac from Corona.

President Trump’s adviser, Dr. Fouchi, confirmed that the country should be prepared for at least one lac death.

In the United States, 741 people died of coronary disease last day, bringing the total number to 3,882, while over 88,000 people are sick.

Pakistani American Rohail Khan died in New York while fighting the Corona. New York Governor Andrew Como’s TV host Brother Chris Como is also among the sick, two people, including a Pakistani doctor in Houston, have also been infected with the Coronavirus.

Due to the increasing number of patients, New York’s Central Park has been converted to a hospital where Corona patients will be treated.

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