Trump had to take Uatran on the issue of opening the lockdown soon

Due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, US President Donald Trump has to take up the matter on the opening of Lockdown Soon.

Now the date for lockdown and social distance has been increased from 12 April to 30 April.

Speaking to reporters, President Trump said that the Corona epidemic may hit its limits in the United States over the next two weeks and the death toll is likely to rise, that’s why announcing victory before victory is a very bad thing.

The US president said that everyone should follow the government guidelines, the better the action will be, the sooner this nightmare ends.

Previously, Donald Trump had said that on Easter April 12, lockdown will be eliminated from most areas, the US would be opened for business and the areas that will be most affected, Lockdown will be limited to that only.

He said Easter Deadline was merely a wish and also claimed that he never threatened to turn New York into a quarantine.

In the United States, 248 deaths were reported from Corona on the last day, however, the number of affected persons increased to more than one lac 41 thousand.

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