The initial result of malaria medicine against Corona was overwhelming, Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump says that malaria drug hydrochloroquine preliminary result against Corona has been overwhelming.

In a statement on social media that early results of malaria drug hydrochloroquine against Corona have been great for good health.

According to US media, in Nigeria due to chloroquine the condition of 3 corona patients worsened.

Trump last week directed the US Food and Drug Authority that for the treatment of corona, accelerate experiments with low toxicity of chloroquine-derived hydrochloroquine.

At the White House briefing, Trump claimed that the FDA had approved hydrochloroquine. But the FDA immediately denied the claim, saying that no drugs have been approved for Corona treatment yet and experiments are underway.

The World Health Organization has also clearly stated that no Corona drug has been approved yet, to obtain solid data experiments are being conducted in several countries.

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