The Meaning of The Emojis That We Use Everyday

With the technology that we have today, it’s easy to communicate with others digitally using the applications on our smartphones or other devices. The generation today is frequently using emojis when they deliver messages to add emotions to those texts. We can use the emojis that we have to link with other people and place colors and meanings to our texts. With the different emojis types that we can access, it is easier to bring your messages to life.

With the help of emojis, anyone can express feelings or emotions without typing any words. Since people can pick different emoji types, there might be a time that they don’t know the meaning and how to utilize them. With that said, this article will provide concrete details about some emojis. So here are the details of some emojis that you need to know.

Fingers Crossed Emoji 🤞

This emoji type shows a hand’s gesture that means expressing a preferred outcome or wishing someone luck. This fingers crossed emoji is what people use to beg God for protection, and others might use the emoji in excusing themselves whenever they tell a white lie.

Way back in 2016, the developers introduced this handy emoji. People would mainly call it the Fingers Crossed Emoji, and others might also refer to it as an emoji for Good Luck.

Smiling Face with Horns 😈

Developers introduced this emoji in 2010, but today, it’s more famous with its name, the “Devil Emoji.” Other people would mention it the purple emoji, but there are times that users call it the purple devil emoji. Smiling Face with Horns Emoji represents a round smiling face with horns on its head, which accurately means evil.

An individual who uses this emoji type might show an evil personality or agree to evil or funny ideas. The devilish grin frequently used emoji to show pleasure on something that people might consider bad or wrong. This emoji also means laughing like the devil.

Kiss Mark Emoji 💋

The Kiss Mark Emoji shows a picture of kissing red lips, and many people use it in offering a special kiss for a special someone. This emoji type also portrays a romantic meaning, and it’s a straightforward gesture that you want to say goodbye to people. It could also mean that you want to send your kisses to someone.

The emoji was launched in 2010, and today, people would refer to it as the Lips Emoji. For others, it’s a symbol of a kiss, and there are instances that people call it the Lip Emoji.


It is common for many individuals to use different emojis types because it might add color to their texts. People want to have an exciting or fun way to send texts and use different emoji types. Emojis are handy means that people use in messaging, and it’s embraced by society as a part of our communication today. If your goal is to send a beautiful text to someone, flirt with your girlfriend, or add life to your messages, start using emojis to achieve them.

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