Showing Your Love Through Emoji Combinations

Most of us today can’t be with our partner due to the presence of Covid-19. The situation put us at a great distance with our loved ones. But thanks to the new inventions, it serves as the bridge to reach the people that we hold dear. 

We can still deliver our endearing love and affection through chat or text. But let’s all step up from the normal way of conversing by adding some spice with the way we communicate using emoji combinations. 

Fire Emoji + Woman On Her Casual Dress

There are hundreds of ways to adore the love of your life, but since we can’t say it face to face, you can use the fire emoji and combine it with a woman wearing a red dress to convey your message that she looks lovely and hot with that dress. 

Smiling Face with Heart Eyes + Sun

It is an awesome feeling to be remembered by anybody as soon as the sun rises because we can feel how much we mean to them in their lives. So today, let’s stop greeting our other half with just a plain text. Try the smiling face with heart eyes sparkle emoji plus a sun when greeting your partner to remind them of your love. 

Milky Way + Car

All of us can’t wait to hear the news that we are already free from the virus. As soon as this crisis subsided, you can send the milky way and car to invite your other half for a long ride to take a look at the starry night.

Wine + Table

You can send the wine and table emojis to invite your partner once this virus disappears. You’ve been staying at home for more than a month; it is a good idea to surprise your partner with a romantic date

Television + Popcorn

Most of us can’t stop recalling the things we’ve shared with our loved ones. If you’re fond of watching movies as your way of spending time with each other, then you can use the television plus popcorn to tell your other half how much you missed being with them. 

Prince or Princess Emoji

Most of us are fond of using an endearment, right? Some of the sweetest call signs today are prince and princess; you can use these emojis as their names on your contact or even chat them using it to make your conversation sweeter. 

Gift + Confetti

If you are planning for a date after this quarantine, you can ask your partner for dinner and use the gift and confetti emojis as clues that you’re up for some surprises. Your partner will be really excited to spend time with you. 

Heart with Arrow + Folded Hands Emoticon

Loving someone is not bounded when you’re just near with each; it takes a lot of effort to remind them each day how much you love them. You can use the heart with an arrow and combine it with folded hands emojis to tell them that they’re the ones you’ve been praying for too long, and you’re blessed to have them in your life. 

Ring + Church Emoji

The crisis we are facing today teaches us that love is our only hope. When this crisis reaches its end, don’t waste a single time and immediately go to your other half and ask them to settle with you. You can then use the ring and church emojis to announce that you’re getting married to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.  


Communication is the key to having a strong and healthy relationship; without it, feelings will eventually fade. Technology helps us find an alternative to keep in touch with our other half, even if you’re miles apart with each other. Keep expressing your love through these emoji combinations to make your conversation real and sweet. 

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